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April 23rd, 2014

South Carolina Victim Adds to Troubling Increase in Pedestrian Deaths

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pedestrian-crosswalkCharleston County authorities are investigating a pedestrian accident that took the life of a 34-year-old South Carolina woman on April 12. A Chevrolet Blazer reportedly hit the woman as she was walking along Highway 162. The driver was trying to pass another vehicle at the time according to Live 5 News; however, the specific cause of the deadly collision is still under investigation.

Unfortunately, the death of this young woman adds to the rising pedestrian death rate that has been occurring nationwide. Between 2009 and 2012, the number of pedestrians dying in collisions has increased each year. The Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) indicated that there was a 15 percent increase in fatalities nationwide during this time period, even as there was a 3 percent decrease in all other types of motor vehicle fatalities.

Improving Pedestrian Safety

Safety experts have no clear explanation for the dramatic increase in pedestrian deaths that occurred over the past several years.
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April 21st, 2014

Prom Season Heightens Teen Driving Risks

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prom-night-signStudents throughout South Carolina are seeing firsthand the dangers of drunk driving this April. WCSC reports that mock accidents are being set up at local high school events to teach teens the risks associated with driving drunk on prom night. The program, called “Operation Prom Promise,” mimics the real-life aftermath of a drunk driving collision with 911 being called, emergency responders treating victims, and a mock DUI trial following the fake collision.

The goal of Operation Prom Promise is to encourage young people to make smart choices on prom night and avoid getting behind the wheel while impaired. Prom season is, unfortunately, a high-risk time for young people and is the kickoff to a season in which teens are at the greatest risk of becoming involved in a deadly motor vehicle accident.

Prom Season, Summer Vacation Signal Rise in Collisions

The Huffington Post reports that as many as 70 percent of juniors and seniors in high school assume that their peers will be drinking and driving on prom night.
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April 18th, 2014

Avoid These Seat Belt Excuses

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Wearing a seat belt increases your chances of surviving a wreck by 60%. Everyone knows that seatbelts save lives, yet for some reason some people refuse to wear them. The result is a fatal accident. Older people sometimes refuse to wear them because they learned to drive in a time before seatbelts and feel uncomfortable with them. However, young people also sometimes refuse to wear them.

One 25-year-old has paid the ultimate price for not wearing a seatbelt. The man was driving near downtown Greenville. He lost control of his Nissan Altima and hit several trees that were in the median. The accident happened just after midnight. The man died of blunt force trauma to the head, and was discovered not to be wearing a belt.

It took emergency officials four hours to clear the damage away.

Here are some other excuses for not wearing a seat belt:

  • I’m only taking a short trip – Most accidents happen 25 miles from home.

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April 14th, 2014

Another Pedestrian Fatality

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Another pedestrian accident ends in a fatality. This one happened in Hollywood. A woman was walking along Highway 162. A driver tried to pass another vehicle and hit the pedestrian, killing her at the scene. The accident is still under investigation.

We don’t know all the circumstances in this case. The pedestrian could have been walking the wrong way, or the car could have overcorrected one way or the other to cause the accident. Regardless, the family of this young woman is going to be seeking answers, and possibly a civil suit as well. It all depends on what happened.

The best thing you can do to improve your chances in an accident suit is to follow the law at all times. Breaking the law, even in small ways, can have a dramatic effect on how a judge or jury decides a case. For example, if a pedestrian is walking the wrong way on the road, or was wearing dark clothing at night, that could play into the hands of the driver.
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April 8th, 2014

Woman Discovered to be DUI in Crash that Killed Two Children

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Accidents that kill children are devastating for the family, and even more so when the deaths are due to the negligence of a family member who should be serving as a caretaker.  Two Oconee county children were killed on New Year’s Day when their car rolled over after crashing into a church sign. Their intoxicated mother, Melissa Patton, was driving with a blood alcohol level over twice the legal limit and speeding at 87 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone.  Her two children, a 4 year old and a 1 year old, had to be cut from the car; Patton and a male passenger were taken to the hospital with injuries.  The mother also had a suspended license at the time of the accident. She has been charged with felony DUI and driving without a license.

In a situation such as this, where the driver was extremely intoxicated, the line between negligence and intentionality is blurry.
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April 6th, 2014

Worker Dodges Falling Tree, Gets Hit by Car

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Accidents often happen when several things go wrong at once.  A 34-year-old South Carolina man was killed recently when he ran in front of an SUV while trying to avoid a falling tree.  The man, Heath Sutherland, was working for a highway department contractor removing storm debris on Interstate 26 near the line between Berkeley and Dorchester counties.

Accidents happen when we aren’t able to react quickly or properly to stressful or unexpected situations. Many states have regulations requiring cars to move more slowly when there are workers present, and speed regulations can make a lot of difference: if a pedestrian is hit by a car going 20 miles per hour, the odds of fatality are very low, only 5%. But if the car is going 40 miles per hour, the odds that the accident will be fatal jump to 85% – and 40 miles per hour is a low speed for an interstate. 
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April 4th, 2014

Driver Intentionally Hit and Dragged Victim

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Although personal injury typically comes as a result of negligence and is entirely accidental, sometimes injuries are inflicted on purpose. Police believe this is the case in a recent incident that occurred in downtown Greenville. The victim is in critical condition after being hit by a car and dragged a short distance into a crosswalk. Investigators indicated that the crime was neither random nor accidental, and that there was a specific but as-yet-undetermined relationship between the victim and the driver of the vehicle.

According to an eyewitness, the incident began with an argument at the Carolina Ale House. The witness stated that one man who had been involved in the argument left the premises and began walking down the sidewalk; the other party got into a car and ran up onto the curb, hitting and dragging the victim. Based on this and other information, the police are treating the case as an attempted murder.
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March 27th, 2014

Woman Critically Injured by Own Car

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Kurt NordstromThere are many dangers in life, and these dangers often come from people who are behaving in a dangerous or irresponsible manner. When these people are out on the road, they do not only pose a danger to themselves, but to anyone else who happens to be using that particular stretch of road at the time.

An attempt to fix a car ended in injury for a 29-year-old woman. Her car stopped in the middle of the road, perpendicular to traffic on Maybank Highway on Wadmalaw Island. She got out to change her tire, and while she was doing so a car struck the other side of her vehicle. This caused her to be critically injured by her own car.

Investigators still don’t know why the car was stopped across the lane, but since it was parked in the right of way officials have not charged the man who hit her car with anything more serious than drunk driving.
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March 24th, 2014

Two People in Hospital after Interstate Pileup

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We all work hard to stay safe on the roads. We buckle up, we pay attention as we drive, and we try our best to follow the traffic laws. But one moment of indiscretion can lead to long-lasting consequences for everyone involved. How do you deal with such situations, in which both your property and your own health is put at risk? Take the three-car pileup from this week in Anderson Country, South Carolina, as an example.

The wreck was apparently caused by an improper lane change along Interstate 85. Two vehicles, a Dodge Caravan and a Honda Accord, were caught up in the accident when a third car, a Chrysler Crossfire, improperly swapped lanes. As a result, all three vehicles ended up in the embankment and the Honda landed upside down, suspended in the air by some fallen trees.

After the Sunday-morning drive went awry, the Piercetown Fire Department was called to the scene, which was located near mile marker 30.
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March 23rd, 2014

Teenager Injured in Shooting Accident

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HeatherAccidents are an unfortunate fact of life. Sometimes they have tragic results, sometimes they result in “minor” injuries or damages. Whatever the case, time and money will be needed to recover, which means legal compensation will be in order. It’s not only a matter of financial help during or after recovery, but in most cases it is a matter of justice, as well.

Police in North Charleston are looking into a shooting incident which resulted in the injury of a 15-year-old male.

According to a member of the North Charleston Police Department, responders were called to Corley Drive regarding a victim who had been shot shortly before 7:00 p.m. on March 23. Once they arrived, officers were able to determine that a 15-year-old male had indeed received a gunshot wound to the buttocks, police say.

Statements from witnesses recount a gathering of other teenagers in the area when the victim was shot.
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