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December 15th, 2014

Meet the Visionary Scholarship Winners: Abby Wiehe and Monisha Bowens!

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The law firm of Howell and Christmas has introduced the $1,000 Visionary Scholarship to assist South Carolina college students with reaching their educational goals. This month, 20 year old Abby Wiehe and 22 year-old Monisha Bowens have been selected to receive the scholarships as a result of their winning essays on Capital Punishment.

abby WieheWiehe who is currently a junior at the University of South Carolina and is studying Public Health, maintains a 3.2 GPA and has her sights set on influencing health promotion through eventual work with the Centers for Disease Control or the World Health Organization. In her essay, Wiehe presents various arguments in opposition to the death penalty, asserting that, “While it may be difficult to practice, compassion for even the “worst” of people is necessary in life.”  She says this scholarship has put her one step closer to realizing her goals.

Bowens, who considers herself an advocate for the under-served recently completed her undergraduate degree at Winthrop University in Rock Hill.
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December 14th, 2014

DUI Driver Slays in Rear Ending

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download (26)Driving under the influence causes more fatal accidents than any other type of wreck.  The choice to drink and drive doesn’t merely affect the person who’s out drinking and driving, it can affect innocent people on the road. Such was the case with a 75-year-old woman who had an encounter with a drunk driver when he rear ended her on Blackstock Road.  The lady was taken to the hospital, though she was pronounced dead when she arrived.  The drunk driver, however, survived with injuries.

The 75-year-old’s vehicle was stopped in the intersection when it was brutally rammed by the DUI driver.  The vehicle was hit so hard that the lady ended up in the intersection, where another driver hit her car. The driver of the second car was injured and released from the hospital.  There was a child in the car, though the child wasn’t injured in the least. The DUI driver was injured and then booked at the Spartanburg County Detention Center.
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December 11th, 2014

Distracted Driving Risks Change, But Charleston Collisions Remain Likely

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Texting while drivingMost motorists know how unsafe it is to drive while distracted. Despite this knowledge, however, motorists throughout Charleston and surrounding areas still engage in distracted driving behaviors.  In fact, one recent study shows that there has been a steady increase over the past six years in some of the riskiest behaviors behind the wheel.

Anyone using any kind of electronic device, even a hands-free system, has too many cognitive distractions to effectively focus on the road.   The risk of a collision is significantly increased, especially when motorists text or check their email behind the wheel.  When such a crash occurs, victims of the distracted driving accident should talk to a Charleston, SC lawyer for help pursuing a claim for compensation.

Drivers Admit to More Distracting Behaviors

The number of motorists using a handheld cell phone has declined over the past six year. However, the number of motorists doing other types of high-risk distracting behaviors has increased.
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December 10th, 2014

Didn’t See the Lights, Crashed

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download (25)When a police cruiser is rushing to a scene, every driver should not only take notice, but stop in the safest place possible to allow the officer through.  Not stopping is not only against the law, but it hinders that officer from getting to the scene of a situation.

Hitting the police officer with a vehicle while the officer has his or her lights and sirens on can lead to unfortunate chain reactions.  Charleston Police were headed to a scene when making a turn onto Meeting Street.  Unfortunately, the officer wasn’t seen, and the car was hit with another vehicle that was carrying two passengers.

Then, as a result of the impact of the car, the cruiser hit another vehicle, involving another two people in the accident.  The intersection became completely unpassable.  It took a while to clear out the afternoon accident. Everyone involved ended up going to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.
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December 8th, 2014

Officer Gets Rammed by Nissan

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download (24)Nobody knows the reason for the accident that happened to the police officer.  They don’t know what was going through the woman’s mind, or why she was suddenly darting across the center line. 

It was a nice evening for driving.  One of Anderson’s police officers was driving along in his cruiser, enjoying the quiet night when he saw the 2013 Nissan.  The Nissan was headed his way, and was going fast enough so that the officer couldn’t dodge.  Fortunately, the officer survived the crash.

The officer was aching, bruised, and in pain all over.  He was admitted to the hospital and then released to heal at home.  Chances are, he’s probably going to take a few days while he recovers from the accident.

The driver of the Nissan most likely had no injuries, as it is not mentioned whether she went to the hospital.  She was, however, charged for driving too fast for conditions. 
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December 6th, 2014

Lactic Acidosis Causes Crash

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download (21)There are many reasons that people can get into a wreck.  There’s inattention, which is the most prevalent.  There’s driving under the influence, which causes inattention, speeding, and many other things.  There can be vehicle malfunctions, where a person was doing all of the right things but the vehicle just didn’t cooperate.

A man crashed his car into another, taking the lives of two people in the process.  When police arrived on the scene, they charged him with felony DUI, because they found empty beer cans in the pickup truck that the man was driving.  They also found whole beer cans which were damaged during the wreck.

The man was completely disoriented, so it made sense that the man was charged with these crimes.  When they got the toxicology report back, however, everyone was surprised because they found that the man’s blood alcohol level was 0.0 and that he tested negative for everything else.
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December 5th, 2014

Siblings Killed in Auto Accident

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download (23)Whether it’s 9 in the morning, 9 at night, or some other time, there is no time which is good to have an accident.  Such is the case for drivers on US 75 in Laurens County that fateful morning.

Having newly gotten her driver’s license, an 18-year-old was driving her brother and a friend somewhere on the interstate.  Then there was a two-car collision  with them which happened just before 9 am. Unfortunately, like most vehicle crashes, the results weren’t good.  The brother and sister were killed because they were trapped in the car.  Police report that they were killed from blunt force trauma. The passenger in the brother and sister’s car was airlifted to Greenville Memorial, where they are recovering.

In the other car, mother and (apparently) child sustained injuries and were taken to the hospital, one in a personal vehicle, one by ambulance.  Right now, the authorities haven’t come forth with a cause for the accident that happened. 
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December 4th, 2014

Sports Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries: Cause for Concern

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370098_mri_head_scanHead injuries are very common in motor vehicle crashes and in situations where someone falls down. Sports accidents and violence are also top causes of brain injury.  In many situations, someone can be sued after a brain injury happens. This may be a negligent driver, a property owner who provides inadequate security, a school whose sports coach doesn’t follow concussion protocol, or anyone else who is responsible for causing head trauma.

When a victim suffers losses, the victim or his family members can pursue a damage claim against those responsible.  While plaintiffs should be “made whole” or fully compensated in any type of injury case, it is difficult to precisely measure the true and lasting impact of injury that affects the head.  A personal injury lawyer should be consulted for help in making a damage claim so victims will be able to put together a legal case demonstrating their losses.

Recently, NBC News published an in-depth report about some of the far-reaching and lasting consequences associated with suffering trauma to the brain.
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December 3rd, 2014

Seat Belts Save Lives Again

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download (22)When it comes to accidents, it’s often necessary to take a deep breath and simply move on, as there’s no real good explanation for why they happened.

Take for example this accident which happened in the middle of the afternoon in Ridgeville.  A Saturn and a Chrysler minivan collided head-on as they were traveling on State Road near Mudville Road.  The crash took the life of the person driving the Saturn, who was not wearing a seat belt.

A lady was driving the minivan with five juveniles in the vehicle.  Everyone who was in the vehicle was taken to the Medical University Hospital for unknown injuries.   Each and every one of them were wearing their seat belts in the vehicle.

No charges have been filed in this accident as of yet while the police are still investigating its causes.  One thing that we do know, however, is that wearing seatbelts is crucial to saving lives in auto accidents.
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December 1st, 2014

Nursing Home Abuse: Are Cameras Allowed in Resident Rooms?

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wheelchairPutting a family member in a nursing home can be a nerve-racking experience in and of itself. Even when you do research and select a highly-rated facility, there is no guarantee that your loved one will not be victimized by an abusive or neglectful staff member.

Some family members hope to get some piece of mind and prevent abusive practices with the use of video cameras to record their relatives’ care. However, The New York Times reports that this is not always an option and that some nursing homes may be misstating privacy rules in order to avoid having cameras that could hold them accountable for the care they provide.

The New York Times told the story of a nursing home resident taken to the hospital after getting unusual results back on a blood test. When the woman saw a police officer in the nursing facility, she was prompted to begin describing the abuse that she had been subject to by an aid.
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