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Teens Charged After Killing Man Who Gave Roadside Assistance

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 22 Aug, 2016

A good Samaritan lost his life in a tragic crime, according to reports from WCSC, a CBS affiliate. The victim was killed after rendering aid. His accused killers are a young man and a teenager.

Reports say that on August 15, witnesses saw an SUV in a ditch. People asked Chadwich Garrett, 45, if he would be willing to help pull the 2016 Dodge Durango out of the ditch, and Garrett agreed to do so for $20. The North Charleston man pulled the SUV out around 11 p.m. and asked the accused individuals for the money. It was then that the 17-year-old pulled out a gun and shot Garrett in the chest. Garrett died at the … Read More


South Carolina May Change “Upskirting” Laws

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 01 Aug, 2016
woman in dress sitting on bike

If you are a woman and you wear dresses or skirts, you are at risk. Not of injury, but of “upskirting.” If you have not heard of this rude behavior in South Carolina, you may soon. The state is considering making it against the law.

Upskirting is the practice of taking photos of a woman up her skirt or dress. It is done in secret and can happen anywhere: the mall, grocery store, on the bus or in a taxi. If you are dressed a certain way and someone has a camera, you could very well find yourself a victim. Until recently, upskirting was not considered illegal. Massachusetts changed all of that.… Read More