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Cinnamon Powder Blamed in Boy’s Death

Posted by Mary Lightman on 11 Jun, 2015

download (3)A young boy has died after their child swallowed cinnamon powder. Officials say that on Wednesday, Matthew Radar, the 4-year-old son of Brianna Radar, went exploring in his mother’s kitchen at her apartment. During his explorations, Matthew got into the powdered cinnamon and began to eat the powder.

According to Matthew’s mother, Matthew began choking as if he were having a seizure and then collapsed. The 4-year-old was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead 90 minutes later. The coroner said that cinnamon can cause asphyxiation when it is inhaled and what happened to Matthew … Read More


House Fire Forces Elderly Woman to Jump from Second Story

Posted by Mary Lightman on 15 Dec, 2014

download (46)A house fire in Ridgeville over the weekend has forced eight people from their home and left two members of the family injured. One of the injured was a 78-year old grandmother who jumped from a window in order to reach safety.

Josetta King had been at home in the family room when the smoke alarms went off. When King’s daughter opened her bedroom door, billows of smoke came from the room. The rest of the family was able to escape leaving only the grandmother to climb out from a second story window.

Also injured was a toddler who suffered burns to the face.

Initial investigations by fire officials point… Read More


23 Firefighters and 11 Civilians Injured in Massive Blaze on Staten Island

Posted by Mary Lightman on 12 Jun, 2014

U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsA scary scene on Staten Island injured 23 firefighters and 11 civilians recently.  It was a massive fire that required approximately 200 firefighters to contain the blaze.

The blaze overtook three two-story townhouses and the scene became intense when a man, screaming from the second floor, tossed two young children to a couple below the window.

By around 6 a.m., the blaze was contained.

Injuries sustained by the fire ranged from minor to serious.  Almost all of the injured were transported to a local hospital, but luckily no injuries were life-threatening.

There is no information as to how… Read More


10-ton Tree Crushes Man

Posted by Mary Lightman on 28 Apr, 2014

Trees fall all the time after major storms. The rain weakens soil around the roots, and the wind pushes the tree over. This is part of the natural cycle. Unfortunately, sometimes the trees fall onto cars, houses, and people. Death can easily occur from a falling tree.

That’s what happened to one man in Hanahan. A 10-ton willow tree fell through his home and hit him, crushing him from the waist down. He was upstairs at the time, the tree pinning him between against the first floor ceiling. Neighbors saw the accident and went to calm him while they contacted emergency crews.

It took the emergency crews… Read More


Teenager Injured in Shooting Accident

Posted by Mary Lightman on 23 Mar, 2014

HeatherAccidents are an unfortunate fact of life. Sometimes they have tragic results, sometimes they result in “minor” injuries or damages. Whatever the case, time and money will be needed to recover, which means legal compensation will be in order. It’s not only a matter of financial help during or after recovery, but in most cases it is a matter of justice, as well.

Police in North Charleston are looking into a shooting incident which resulted in the injury of a 15-year-old male.

According to a member of the North Charleston Police Department, responders were called to Corley Drive… Read More


Disabled Man Injured in Dispute with Dorchester Deputies

Posted by Mary Lightman on 05 Mar, 2014

V31S70There is no doubt the police do heroic work, but they are only human. Sometimes, their intervention can create some unfortunate results, though they meant only to protect themselves and others. Despite their intentions, police departments are just as liable for the damages they cause as much as any citizen, if not more so.

After an incident with the police, a mentally-disabled man was hospitalized when he fell through a glass door in his Harleyville home on March 1, said his family and police. According to the 45-year-old man’s father, the man has the mentality of a small child.
Two deputies… Read More


Domestic Assault by Squirrel over No Beer

Posted by Mary Lightman on 29 Dec, 2013

Lindsey TurnerSouth Carolina woman was arrested a charge of domestic abuse for having allegedly stabbed her common-law husband on Christmas Eve with a decorative ceramic squirrel after he came home with no beer.

Helen Ann Williams, 44, a resident on Clifton Street in North Charleston, was in the Charleston County jail on $10,000 cash bond, jail records showed Friday. Williams is scheduled to appear at a hearing in Charleston County Circuit Court in April to answer a felony charge of domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

According law enforcement reports, Williams’ 41-year-old husband… Read More


CPSC Study Warns Parents of Potential Dangers Posed by Toppling Televisions

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 24 Dec, 2012

TV AddictIt most likely isn’t a parent’s primary concern when purchasing a new television set, and may only arise as a secondary thought, but a new study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has drawn attention the risk falling televisions and furniture pose to small children. It certainly has caught the attention of your Charleston, SC lawyers at Howell and Christmas, LLC.

The Chairman of the CPSC, Inez Tenenbaum, noted in a CNN video interview that falling televisions and the furniture upon which they sit are a “severe hidden hazard in home.” And the some startling… Read More


Report On New Study Shows That Concussion Effects May Linger Well After Child’s Initial Injury

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 19 Dec, 2012

KidsIt is a regular point of discussion on the law blogs posted by your Charleston brain injury attorneys, the effects of concussions on children and adults, and a recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience focuses on that very topic.

Researchers from the University of New Mexico and the Mind Research Network have found that the effects of a concussion on a child’s brain can last for months following the initial injury. According to a Huffington Post article, one of the study’s researchers has said this information may have “important implications about when it is … Read More


Recent Criminal Charges of Unlawful Conduct Prompt Authorities to Re-Open Past Cases of Child Injury and Death

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 03 Jul, 2012

PenitentiaryLast week it was reported that a young mother and her live-in boyfriend had been charged with unlawful conduct toward a child in connection with the tragic death of a 2-month-old. Your Charleston personal injury attorney read that court documents revealed the baby was transported to Trident Medical Center in full cardiac arrest last Wednesday, and pronounced dead later that morning. It was further reported that affidavits state that the baby’s body was “riddled” with insect bites, and upon investigator’s inspection of the child’s home, highly unsanitary… Read More