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‘Accident Service Fee’ Ordinance Under Consideration

Posted by Mary Lightman on 03 Mar, 2014

quapanAn accident, no matter how “minor”, can be an expensive occasion. There are repairs, possibly increased insurance, even medical bills in some of the worst accidents. At the very least, there will be a cost in time and effort that could have better been spent elsewhere. A new ordinance pending in the St. Andrews service district may soon add to that cost. Even drivers who don’t live in the area, and who are only passing through, may well be effected.

As it now stands, firefighters from neighboring areas can respond to calls out of their service district to improve response times.… Read More


Crane Operator Injured at Local Shipyard, Construction Worker Killed After Fall

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 29 Jul, 2011

Harbour of RotterdamIn today’s Post and Courier there were two separate on the job accidents reported, one of which happened right here in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina when a large crane collapsed on a worker at Detyen’s Shipyard. The other occurred a little more than two hours south of the law offices of Howell and Christmas, LLC in Hilton Head, where a construction worker was killed after falling through a ceiling.

Wednesday morning a crane operator found himself in a precarious position after the crane’s collapse trapped him inside the cab of the machine. According to reports, the man’s… Read More