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Understanding Product Liability Law

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 26 Sep, 2016

There are dangerous products out there on the market that you may be unaware of. That is because when made correctly and used as intended, they typically cause little to no harm. Unfortunately, when products are not manufactured properly or an error occurs during their production that is not detected, some items can cause serious injury and, in the worst cases, death. Here is a brief rundown of product liability law.

“Product liability” refers to the company that makes a product being held liable if a defective item is purchased by consumers. Sellers may also fall under product liability… Read More


Exploding Phone May Have Caused House Fire

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 12 Sep, 2016

Are you an Android or an Apple fan? If you are like most, you are a staunch supporter of one smartphone platform or the other, and you anxiously anticipate the newest release. Imagine the disappointment when millions of people discovered that Samsung had recalled its latest release, the Galaxy Note 7.

Authorities are investigating a Horry County house fire and it may be connected to the device.

According to reports, Wesley Hartzog took his Galaxy Note 7 and plugged it into the wall of his garage to charge. He left home to pick up his two daughters and upon his return discovered his garage ablaze.

Hartzog… Read More


“Avengers” Oven Mitt Causes Severe Burns

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 03 Aug, 2016
avengers poster

Most of us have a favorite movie. We have watched it hundreds of times, it’s our go-to when we are home sick on the couch, and we even have a little piece of memorabilia to remind us just how great the story is.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of people around the country subscribe to some type of home-delivery box. These “surprise” boxes contain items that we may or may not find useful. From Ipsy bags filled with makeup samples to Barkbox filled with dog toys, there are boxes for everyone. One such home-delivery option is Loot Crate.

Subscribers to Loot Crate were pleasantly … Read More


iPhone Catches Fire in Woman’s Pants

Posted by Mary Lightman on 20 Feb, 2014

William HookCell phones are a teenager’s constant companion, but a young lady in Maine suffered burns on her body after her iPhone malfunctioned. She had just sat down, and heard a popping sound coming from her back pocket. After seeing smoke, she stopped, dropped and rolled to put out the flames, saving her from serious injury. Her friends asked the gentlemen in the classroom to leave, as she removed her pants and wrapped up in a blanket that a teacher brought her. She was treated at the hospital for first- and second- degree burns. Officials say that the girl may have shorted out the battery when she sat down,… Read More


Civil Penalty Imposed On Office Chair Producer

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 07 Feb, 2011

South Carolina defective product attorneys came across interesting bit of news from the the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regarding a civil penalty imposed upon an office chair manufacturer. Raynor Marketing Ltd., of West Hempstead, New York reached an agreement that has been provisionally accepted by the CPSC to pay $390,00 in penalties. It was alleged Raynor Manufacturing Ltd. was aware of a defect in office chairs sold to consumers, as well as injuries, and failed to report this information immediately to the Commission as required by federal law.

Raynor Marketing Ltd.… Read More


Howell and Christmas, LLC On Guns: Part 2 of 2

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 23 Jan, 2011

This is the second of a two part post concerning guns and gun control in the United States. With the recent shooting that caused serious injuries and wrongful deaths in Arizona, gun regulations have come under scrutiny, but as mentioned in Part 1, scrutiny hardly materializes into legislative change. This all happens to come as major American gun manufacturer, Remingtion, has been investigated for defects reported in their 700-series rifle.

South Carolina wrongful death attorneys know the importance Remington has played in history as an iconic American gun manufacturer, they also know … Read More