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Three Shot in Altercation at Local Sports Bar

Posted by Mary Lightman on 16 Jul, 2014

Officials are not completely sure what happened at a Gaffney sports bar, what they are clear about is that an altercation left five people injured early Sunday morning.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s office responded to a call at the Main Event Pool Sports Lounge & Grill around 1 am where they found three people with gunshot wounds and two others with lacerations.  All were superficial wounds and none were life threatening but they are still trying to sort out the details of what happened.

In most personal injury cases we think of an accident like a fall or car crash.  However, at times both… Read More


Man Dies after Losing Control of Moped on Roadway

Posted by Mary Lightman on 15 Jun, 2014

Dbratland via Wikimedia Creative CommonsAccidents involving bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles are at a high this time of year.  Summertime brings two wheel vehicles out in mass numbers.  These bikes can be a lot of fun.  If you are riding this summer, practice safe riding.  This can make the difference of life and death if involved in an accident.

On Tuesday, a Greenville man lost control of his moped while on White House Road.  The crash caused blunt force trauma to the riders head and he died from his injuries shortly following the accident.

Unfortunately, accidents like this are becoming more common and could possibly be prevented… Read More


Fifteen Year Old Girl Hospitalized After Accident

Posted by Mary Lightman on 21 May, 2014

BSABarnOwlCherokee County, A 15-year-old girl remains hospitalized after a car ignored a stopped school bus and struck her while moving at speed. The victim, a freshman at Gaffney High School, remains hospitalized over a week after the incident. Photos taken immediately after the accident show the force of the impact as the girls empty shoes remained in place after she was hit and her backpack was thrown up and on to the top of the bus. Leslie Littlejohn, the 24-year-old woman who was driving the vehicle that struck the teen, has been arrested and charged with passing a stopped school bus as well as violating… Read More


Man Dies After Fire Escalates in a Controlled Burn

Posted by Mary Lightman on 06 May, 2014

Spc. Anthony Zane via Wikimedia CommonsIn St. George, a man died recently in a controlled burn that got out of control.  He was burning yard debris in Dorchester when high winds caused the fire to shift.  The 59-year-old man died from heat inhalation and thermal injuries suffered as a result of the fire.

This was the second fatal accident of this kind in the same week.  With many people taking care of yard debris this time of year it’s important to be safe.  Fires, even when controlled can get out of hand quickly.  A small fire can quickly ignite grass and trees close to the burn.  If a fire gets out of control don’t try and put it out yourself. … Read More


Problems All Around from Winter Storm this Week

Posted by Mary Lightman on 31 Jan, 2014

Downtown Charleston. (Source: Whitney Tapp)This Tuesday, snow fell for hours leaving several motorists stranded on the roads and in their homes.  The South Carolina trucking industry was shut down as a result of the winter storms. Many turned their eye toward the state, claiming that SCDOT didn’t do enough to prepare for the situation.

“I don’t believe South Carolina was prepared for it.  They should have had more equipment to deal with this it would have been better if they had the necessary equipment to deal with the ice,” said one of the stranded truckers.

The SCDOT claimed that they had enough sand, salt, … Read More


Fire Rips Through Apartment Complex in Columbia

Posted by Mary Lightman on 02 Dec, 2013

Twelve people have been forced from their homes after a fire that ripped through a Columbia apartment complex. According to officials the fire started just shortly before 7:00 p.m. Thursday. Columbia Fire Department Spokesman Brick Lewis said that all 8 units of one of the complex buildings in the Charbonneau Apartment complex had been damaged and were unsafe for habitation.

Credit: Thomas' PicsInitial reports in the investigation cite the improper handling of fireplace ashes to have potentially been the cause of the fire. Lewis indicated that the displaced residents of the complex are being assisted by the … Read More


Charleston Port of Call for Mercury and Ill Passengers

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 02 Apr, 2010

Charleston boat accident lawyers have just learned that the cruise ship, the Mercury, which departed from Charleston’s port the week of February 15, 2010, is having problems. The Caribbean bound ship has reported that over 300 passengers aboard the ship have become ill. The symptoms that one-sixth of the passengers share include; stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. There is no word yet if their injuries were caused by negligence.

This is not the way the passengers intended on spending their gorgeous Caribbean vacation. The Mercury’s onboard medical clinic has been overwhelmed… Read More


$4 Million Awarded in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Case- Issue at hand: Pet Turkeys

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 17 Mar, 2010

South Carolina personal injury lawyers wanted to remind neighbors treat your neighbors with respect and remember to avoid slanderous activity. Recently there was a Hilton Head Island neighborhood dispute over a family’s pet turkeys. In 2004 Ralph Dupps accused his neighbors Robert and Jennifer Klippel of taking his pet turkeys from his yard and taking the turkeys to a wildlife preservation center.

Dupps called the police and accused his neighbors for taking the turkeys. The incident caught public attention and the story ran on multiple local news channels. Robert and Jennifer Klippel… Read More