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Salvage Yard Worker Dies in Explosion

Posted by Mary Lightman on 18 Oct, 2014

kodiax2A joint investigation by the Moncks Corner Police Department and the Berkeley County Coroner’s office is underway, looking into the death of a worker at a Monck Corner salvage yard on Thursday.

According to investigators, around 8:45 in the morning a worker was using a cutting torch to remove the top of a barrel that had formerly been used to store an as of yet unidentified flammable liquid. An explosion resulted that sent thirty-three year old Stephen Kuffel, a resident of Monck Corner, to the hospital. He was later pronounced dead. An autopsy has been scheduled to determine his exact cause… Read More


When Machinist Work Is Dangerous, What Difference Does a Union Make?

Posted by Gary Christmas on 10 Sep, 2014

machinist at work welding

North Charleston has seen some recent disputes over organization intentions of the aerospace machinists. South Carolina’s 116th governor publicly spoke out this year against bringing any unionized manufacturing workforces into the state, though there are already 33 unions represented across the S.C. employment picture.                                   

Politics aside, the levels of danger in manufacturing jobs can be very intense aerospace included, as it often involves extreme physical labor as well as hazardous materials such as beryllium copper.Read More


Greeneville County Deputy Injured in Traffic Accident

Posted by Mary Lightman on 23 Jul, 2014

Michael Rivera via Wikimedia Creative Commons LicenseIn Greeneville County a sheriff’s deputy was involved in a crash that injured two people shortly after 5 pm on Saturday.  The accident happened on North Pleasantburg Drive.  Troopers report that the deputy was headed down North Pleasantburg when another vehicle turned in front of him.  Both the deputy and the other driver were injured in the accident and taken to the hospital for treatment.

The driver that turned in front of the deputy was cited for failure to yield the right away which makes him “negligent per se” in a personal injury civil suit.

Negligence per se means that the negligence… Read More


23 Firefighters and 11 Civilians Injured in Massive Blaze on Staten Island

Posted by Mary Lightman on 12 Jun, 2014

U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsA scary scene on Staten Island injured 23 firefighters and 11 civilians recently.  It was a massive fire that required approximately 200 firefighters to contain the blaze.

The blaze overtook three two-story townhouses and the scene became intense when a man, screaming from the second floor, tossed two young children to a couple below the window.

By around 6 a.m., the blaze was contained.

Injuries sustained by the fire ranged from minor to serious.  Almost all of the injured were transported to a local hospital, but luckily no injuries were life-threatening.

There is no information as to how… Read More


Explosion at Popular Diner Injures Granddaughter of Owner

Posted by Mary Lightman on 05 May, 2014

Kenneth Zirkel via Wikimedia CommonsAn explosion at the Bootland Diner on Interstate 85 injured the granddaughter of the restaurant’s owner.

The accident was caused by the restaurant owner’s 21-year-old granddaughter, Brittany Alewine. Alewine was walking through the kitchen when she tripped and hit the stove cracking the gas line which later caused the explosion.  Alewine was airlifted to the Augusta Burn Center for treatment.  The explosion is still under investigation.

A place of business has a duty to keep its patrons safe.  If you see hazards in a place of business bring them to the owner’s or tenant’s attention. … Read More


Hydrochloric Acid Spill Injures Workers at Local Plant

Posted by Mary Lightman on 27 Nov, 2013

Credit: MaticulousAt about 9 p.m. Tuesday, Central Dispatch advised fire officials there had been an explosion at the chemical plant off of Pennyroyal Road that left one worker at the plant injured. However, when the cleanup crew arrived at 3V Chemical Co, it turned out to be a chemical spill. According to Georgetown County Assistant Fire Chief Tony Hucks, the spill was caused by falling barrels.

Emergency crews were informed that the plant accident involved hydrochloric acid. Hucks said the injured man fell three stories and landed on a metal rod that pierced his leg. Rescue workers had freed the man by 9:20 p.m.… Read More


9/11 Settlement Bonus Payments Cause Dispute

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 14 Sep, 2011

World Trade CenterAround a month shy of a year ago your Charleston personal injury lawyers posted an entry concerning the settlement made between New York City and those who sustained work related injuries in the ground zero rescue and cleanup efforts. Now some of those more than 10,000 fire fighters, firefighters, police officers, volunteers, and others who sued for injuries and illnesses, primarily respiratory, which were said to be linked to the City’s failure to provide proper protective gear, are looking to share in a $55 million bonus settlement. The bonus comes under the terms of agreement in the… Read More


Industrial Accident at Water Treatment Plant Makes it to State Supreme Court, Construction Accident at Same Facility in the Meantime

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 09 Jun, 2011

Water TankRecently your South Carolina construction accident attorneys came across an interesting decision in the Supreme Court of the State of Washington. The case concerns a catastrophic tank failure at Spokane’s sewage treatment plant. The failure happened in May 2004 when three workers were doing their best to prevent overflowing septic sludge from running into the Spokane River. After the digester tank collapsed one of the maintenance workers fell into the sewage sludge and drowned. The trial judge in this case noted that the worker “arguably suffered one of the most disgusting… Read More


South Carolina on the Job Accident Lawyers Take a Step Back in Time to the Worst Construction Accident in U.S. History

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 12 May, 2011

In a post from earlier this month, the Charleston workers’ compensation attorneys mentioned National Workers Memorial Day, a day of observance to remember workers who have lost their lives due to on the job accidents and injuries. National Workers Memorial Day is April 28, and in large part the reason for this particular date is because of a major construction accident that occurred on April 27, 1978, known as the Willow Island Disaster.On the Job Accidents

Yesterday afternoon an employee of Howell and Christmas, LLC came across some information regarding the Disaster, and realized his grandfather worked… Read More


Years After Son Killed in Industrial Accident Summerville Couple Works to Bring Attention to On the Job Fatalities

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 03 May, 2011

Charleston on the job injury lawyers want to highlight an initiative being promoted by a Summerville couple who lost their son in an industrial machine accident on the North Charleston waterfront. They are working to gain a following for a local observance of National Workers Memorial Day, an event that is a tribute to workers killed in South Carolina. The observance took place last Thursday, April 28, and is 20-year-old recognition that has, unfortunately, gained little traction in South Carolina, but this Summerville couple is working to change the states feelings toward fatal on the job… Read More