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Three Shot in Altercation at Local Sports Bar

Posted by Mary Lightman on 16 Jul, 2014

Officials are not completely sure what happened at a Gaffney sports bar, what they are clear about is that an altercation left five people injured early Sunday morning.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s office responded to a call at the Main Event Pool Sports Lounge & Grill around 1 am where they found three people with gunshot wounds and two others with lacerations.  All were superficial wounds and none were life threatening but they are still trying to sort out the details of what happened.

In most personal injury cases we think of an accident like a fall or car crash.  However, at times both… Read More


Car Crash Leads to Shootout

Posted by Mary Lightman on 13 Jul, 2014

Police were called to the scene of a shooting on Sand Bar Ferry Road on Friday after the victim called 911.  Paul Wright contacted the authorities to report that an acquaintance, currently unnamed in the report, had driven up next to his own vehicle.  After a verbal altercation the other driver drove their green Chevrolet Blazer into Wright’s own car. Once Wright slowed his own car down, the other driver pulled out a semi-auto gun and fired at him.  The bullet missed Wright and struck his vehicle, hitting the front right windshield.  Wright was able to get away, and stopped at the Five Star … Read More


23 Firefighters and 11 Civilians Injured in Massive Blaze on Staten Island

Posted by Mary Lightman on 12 Jun, 2014

U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsA scary scene on Staten Island injured 23 firefighters and 11 civilians recently.  It was a massive fire that required approximately 200 firefighters to contain the blaze.

The blaze overtook three two-story townhouses and the scene became intense when a man, screaming from the second floor, tossed two young children to a couple below the window.

By around 6 a.m., the blaze was contained.

Injuries sustained by the fire ranged from minor to serious.  Almost all of the injured were transported to a local hospital, but luckily no injuries were life-threatening.

There is no information as to how… Read More


Explosion at Popular Diner Injures Granddaughter of Owner

Posted by Mary Lightman on 05 May, 2014

Kenneth Zirkel via Wikimedia CommonsAn explosion at the Bootland Diner on Interstate 85 injured the granddaughter of the restaurant’s owner.

The accident was caused by the restaurant owner’s 21-year-old granddaughter, Brittany Alewine. Alewine was walking through the kitchen when she tripped and hit the stove cracking the gas line which later caused the explosion.  Alewine was airlifted to the Augusta Burn Center for treatment.  The explosion is still under investigation.

A place of business has a duty to keep its patrons safe.  If you see hazards in a place of business bring them to the owner’s or tenant’s attention. … Read More


18 Wheeler Hits Pole, Driver Runs

Posted by Mary Lightman on 11 Feb, 2014

Trevon HaywoodAn 18 wheeler hit a utility pole Tuesday morning, effectively shutting down part of Charleston’s Meeting Street for the morning commute.

According to Charleston Police Department officials, Meeting Street at Wolfe St. was shut down to traffic after the semi-tractor trailer struck a utility pole. The street finally opened back up again at approximately 3:00 p.m.

South Carolina Energy & Gas crews responded to the situation in order to make repairs to the damaged pole while traffic was re-routed.

No information has been released about the 18-wheeler; however, authorities indicate … Read More


Problems All Around from Winter Storm this Week

Posted by Mary Lightman on 31 Jan, 2014

Downtown Charleston. (Source: Whitney Tapp)This Tuesday, snow fell for hours leaving several motorists stranded on the roads and in their homes.  The South Carolina trucking industry was shut down as a result of the winter storms. Many turned their eye toward the state, claiming that SCDOT didn’t do enough to prepare for the situation.

“I don’t believe South Carolina was prepared for it.  They should have had more equipment to deal with this it would have been better if they had the necessary equipment to deal with the ice,” said one of the stranded truckers.

The SCDOT claimed that they had enough sand, salt, … Read More


Fire Rips Through Apartment Complex in Columbia

Posted by Mary Lightman on 02 Dec, 2013

Twelve people have been forced from their homes after a fire that ripped through a Columbia apartment complex. According to officials the fire started just shortly before 7:00 p.m. Thursday. Columbia Fire Department Spokesman Brick Lewis said that all 8 units of one of the complex buildings in the Charbonneau Apartment complex had been damaged and were unsafe for habitation.

Credit: Thomas' PicsInitial reports in the investigation cite the improper handling of fireplace ashes to have potentially been the cause of the fire. Lewis indicated that the displaced residents of the complex are being assisted by the … Read More


South Carolina Injury Lawyers Take Note: Bed Bug Case Filed Outside Nation’s Capital

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 14 Oct, 2010

bed bugA bed bug epidemic sweeping through many parts of the United States has left families with their home lives in shambles. As the Washington Post reported, one Maryland couple was forced to file a half million dollar lawsuit in an effort to recover compensation for the physical injuries and the damage bed bug exposure had caused them to experience. This family is not the only one affected by bed bugs, which have shattered the peace in their home.

When a bed bug infestation occurs, victims will need to understand what their options are. It may be possible to hold apartment managers or hotels accountableRead More