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Use of Talcum Powder Leads to Lawsuits

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 05 Dec, 2016
bottle of talcum baby powder

Recently, a jury found Johnson & Johnson guilty and ordered the company to pay $127 million in compensatory damages to patients in a class action lawsuit. To many, this verdict is frightening because it involved a product that parents and others have used daily: Talcum powder. Many have been left wondering if the verdict is irrevocable proof that the use of talcum powder leads to cancer.

While talcum powder and its link to cancer has made big news in recent months, the true story is a bit more complex than the media is letting on.

History of the Product

More than a century ago, Dr. Frederick B. Kilmer… Read More


Safety During the Big Game

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 24 Nov, 2016
holding a football for a kick in the backyard

shutterstock_296517782What do you call the annual family football game? The Turkey Bowl? Maybe you call it The Holiday Showdown. No matter what you call it, one thing is for sure: Everyone looks forward to the Thanksgiving football game in the backyard.

For many family and friends, a game of touch football goes off without a hitch, except maybe for a few sore losers to deal with. Unfortunately for others, the family football game ends abruptly due to an injury. Don’t let that be the way that your game ends. By following a few safety tips, you can be sure that your game is nothing but the fun it is intended to be.

Dress for

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Deep Frying a Turkey Poses Safety Risks

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 23 Nov, 2016
turkey above a deep fryer

shutterstock_207833248Thanksgiving is just a few short days away. If you are like most people hosting family gatherings, you already have your menu planned. For some, the most revered item on the menu will be the deep-fried turkey.

The traditional method of cooking a turkey in the oven for hours upon hours has been declining in popularity as deep-frying has gained preference. Despite the potential hazards, many people will forego the roasting pan in favor of the backyard deep fryer this holiday. If you will be counting yourself among them, it is important that you understand the risks involved.

Fryers of any type pose… Read More


A Hazardous Home is No Laughing Matter

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 09 Nov, 2016

We have all seen them. The movies and television shows in which people by a lemon of a home, only to be faced with major repairs that cost thousands of dollars. Before repairs are made, the troubles with the home cause injury that are comical to watch. Unfortunately, while these things are funny to see on the screen, they happen in real life and they are anything but funny.

Your home is your safe place. It should not be a hazard to your health. Here are the most common ways your home can harm you.

1. Chemicals

How many toxic chemicals do you have in your home? Are they locked up? It isn’t uncommon for … Read More


Building a Haunted House with Safety in Mind

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 14 Oct, 2016

Whether you are building a small haunted house in your basement for your children’s Halloween party or are building a Goliath for everyone in the surrounding area to enjoy, you’ve got to build it with safety in mind. Anyone working inside of your haunted house should be kept free from harm, and you should protect any visitors to the best of your ability. Here are steps you can take to make sure your haunt doesn’t end up costing you big money.

1. Fire Safety

If you are building a haunted area outdoors, you may be considering using fire as a feature. While this can certainly add to the… Read More


Are You Ready for Matthew?

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 06 Oct, 2016

Hurricane Matthew is set to hit Florida in the coming days and residents are being advised to make sure they are prepared. The storm has already been blamed for the death of about 500 people in Haiti where it reached sustained winds of 145 mph and dumped more than 20 inches of rain in low-lying areas, with more expected. While the storm is expected to lose some strength by the time it hits the south-eastern edge of Florida, it will still have winds over 140 mph. Then, it’s projected to make its way up the East Coast. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has already ordered the evacuation of many… Read More


How to Avoid Contracting Zika

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 19 Sep, 2016

Chances are that you have heard of Zika. The virus is causing concern in several states in America and in different countries around the world. The good news is that there are ways that you can protect yourself from the virus that are relatively simple.

Follow these tips to keep yourself safe from Zika.

Mosquito Bite Prevention

No one wants mosquito bites in the first place, but now that Zika is around, people really don’t want insect bites. The mosquitoes that spread Zika bite primarily during the day, but can bite at any time.

Prevent bites by using an insect repellent. Permethrin can be sprayed… Read More


What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation

Posted by Gary Christmas on 22 Jun, 2016

Crowded clubEarlier this month, Orlando and the rest of the world learned firsthand just how much damage unbridled hatred can cause. One man entered a gay night club and unleashed his anger, killing 49 people and wounding at least 50 others. However, since then, there have been at least five other shootings around the country. This year alone, there have been more than 150 incidences of gun violence throughout the United States.

As both conservatives and liberals argue about gun control and other issues, Americans are left vulnerable to the actions of a single crazed person. Being in an active shooter situationRead More


Holiday Dangers to Be Aware Of

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 02 Dec, 2015

The holidays are typically a time of joy and relaxation. For some, they are a time of chaos and arguments. No matter how you spend your holidays, one thing is for certain: The holiday season can be a time of increased safety hazards and hospital visits. Here are five holiday dangers that you should be aware of.

  1. Alcohol Consumption

Unfortunately, binge drinking is in abundance during the holiday season. If you are not normally a heavy drinker, don’t change your habits because you are with friends and family. If you do partake in a few too many beverages, arrange for a sober ride home or spend the night… Read More


Concerns in the Wake of Record-Breaking Floods

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 28 Oct, 2015

In the wake of South Carolina’s major flooding, many areas found themselves covered with record amounts of water. As the waters subsided and people returned to their homes, they discovered not only ruined items and damages that needed immediate repair, but found themselves faced with potential health concerns.

  1. Contaminated Drinking Water

Following the floods, people in Columbia who were served by the city’s water department were advised to boil any water that would be used for drinking or cooking. For people whom boiling was not an option, unscented bleach added in small amounts to the… Read More