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Tired, Fatigued Truckers Pose Hazard to South Carolina Drivers

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 07 Nov, 2014

Truck driver fatigue can prove deadly. Just this past summer, the problem of driver fatigue made headlines when comedian Tracy Morgan was nearly killed in an accident allegedly caused by a sleep-deprived trucker.

In an effort to combat driver fatigue and ensure tired truckers are not on the roads, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) imposed new limits on the number of hours that truckers can work per week and the number of hours they can drive before being required to take a 36-hour rest break, including two overnight periods. These limits have been the subject of a great deal… Read More


Two People Flown to Hospital with Injuries after Pickup Truck Collides with Logging Truck

Posted by Mary Lightman on 12 Jun, 2014

eurleifAccidents can happen at any time of the day or night.  Often speed is a factor in collisions.

A scary scene unraveled on Highway 15 and Highway 178 early Thursday.  Rescue crews were called to the location after an accident between a logging truck and a pickup truck left workers’ trapped inside of the logging truck.

The first responders were able to free the people trapped and flew two of them from the scene to the hospital for treatment.

The South Carolina State Highway Patrol is still investigating the cause of the accident.

Often accidents are caused by speeding.  Surveys regarding speeding… Read More


Early Morning Crash Kills 3 on Interstate 26

Posted by Mary Lightman on 18 May, 2014

Jason RojasIn the early morning hours Thursday, a tractor trailer went off the road near mile marker 164 on Interstate 26 and hit several trees, tearing the truck apart.  The three victims of the accident, who have not yet been publicly identified, died from injuries sustained in the devastating crash.  Parts of the truck were scattered along the highway, and the truck’s cab and trailer were ripped from the frame of the vehicle as it bounced off several trees.

Authorities are waiting until the family members of the victims have been notified before identifying them publicly.

No one plans on suffering… Read More


Two Brothers Injured After Car Slides Under 18-Wheeler

Posted by Mary Lightman on 11 May, 2014

jack byrnes hillTwo brothers and another passenger are lucky to be alive after a fiery crash in Greenville County.

One of the two brothers, Timothy McClellan, was driving his 2002 Sebring at a high rate of speed on Bruce Road and drove his car underneath a tractor-trailer that was turning onto the road.  The car caught fire following the collision trapping the driver in the car.

Luckily, McClellan was extracted from the car before suffering serious injury.  He was burned and had some broken bones but is expected to recover.  The other two passengers suffered minor injuries.

In a recent survey conducted by an… Read More


Hazmat Spill on Highway 17A

Posted by Mary Lightman on 15 Jan, 2014

Fred BenensonDorchester County deputies say that an 18-wheeler caught fire on Highway 17A near Ridgeville Wednesday morning. According to authorities, the incident happened near an intersection of Clubhouse Road. Officials say the 18-wheeler was carrying hazardous materials of some sort. Currently there is no word of any injuries as a result of the fire, but hazmat teams have been called to deal with any potential problems.

Vehicle fires or spills of any sort that involve hazardous materials can potentially be very dangerous. Some chemical spills are harmless, but others can prove to be very damaging… Read More


Recent South Carolina Trucking Accidents Provide Basis for Discussion of Industry as a Whole

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 13 Feb, 2012

TrafficYour Charleston, South Carolina attorneys at Howell and Christmas, LLC are all too familiar with the dangers 18-wheelers, semis, tractor-trailers, or whatever you like to call them present to drivers in smaller, everyday vehicles. The trucking industry is extremely valuable to our local economy; trucks are constantly moving goods from Charleston area ports to the interior of the Palmetto State and beyond. But as this industry continues to thrive and grow, accidents involving these behemoths of the road and everyday driver have become more and more common. In recent weeks there have been… Read More


Motorcyclist Killed Near Columbia After Collision with Trailer

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 26 Aug, 2011

BikerThe last entry posted by your Charleston accident lawyers discussed the outcome of a three month long investigation into a fatal motorcycle accident in which a young woman fell off the back of the bike. It was determined by authorities that the male operator of the vehicle was at fault in the accident and now faces serious criminal charges. Sadly, today’s post also concerns a fatal motorcycle accident on Interstate-26. The collision occurred at the beginning of this week in the Columbia area in the eastbound lanes between Interstate-126 and U.S. 378, according to the South Carolina HighwayRead More


Big Trucks Collide and Cause Big Delay for Charleston Area Commuters

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 15 Aug, 2011

TrucksLast week in North Charleston, an early morning crash created a backup that lasted nearly nine hours for Charleston area commuters trying to make their way to work. In an already highly congested area of Interstate-26 two 18-wheelers hauling large loads of wood chips collided and exploded into flames. Your Charleston tractor trailer lawyers read in Thursday’s Post and Courier that the collision between the two mega vehicles happened about 3:40 a.m., long before the rush hour traffic that usually clogs up the eastbound lanes of I-26 near Ashley Phosphate Road overpass. According to … Read More


Weekend Tractor Trailer Wreck and General Considerations if You’re Ever Involved in an Accident

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 14 Jun, 2011

Semi TruckYour Charleston truck accident attorneys came across an article in Monday’s Post and Courier concerning a single tractor-trailer wreck that ultimately took the driver’s life. The fatal accident occurred late Saturday afternoon around 6:00 p.m. in Jasper County. According to reports, the 1995 Freightliner went up into flames after the truck crossed the life side of the Interstate-95 median, colliding with several trees.

As of today, investigators are still looking into the incident to determine exactly what happened leading up to the truck’s going off the interstate.… Read More


Tractor Trailer Hits Overpass, Killing Two and Damaging Bridge in Cherokee County

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 24 May, 2011

Highway TravelIn addition to the four serious motor vehicle accidents discussed in the last post by your South Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers, yesterday’s Post and Courier also reported on a fatal trucking accident that occurred in Cherokee County.

As the trucking industry continues to grow, serious trucking accidents are increasingly common. When sharing the road with these heavyweights, you are at a clear disadvantage: in trucking accidents, individuals in the passenger vehicles account for 98% of deaths. However, this incident does not side with statistics, the only lives… Read More