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Concerns in the Wake of Record-Breaking Floods

Posted by Nicole Gendics on 28 Oct, 2015

In the wake of South Carolina’s major flooding, many areas found themselves covered with record amounts of water. As the waters subsided and people returned to their homes, they discovered not only ruined items and damages that needed immediate repair, but found themselves faced with potential health concerns.

  1. Contaminated Drinking Water

Following the floods, people in Columbia who were served by the city’s water department were advised to boil any water that would be used for drinking or cooking. For people whom boiling was not an option, unscented bleach added in small amounts to the… Read More


Unexplained Boating Accident Leaves Two Injured

Posted by Mary Lightman on 08 Oct, 2014

Local authorities closed a section of road early Friday morning while the investigated the scene of an accident that involved two police cruisers. The two cruisers collided as they were responding to a report of an abandoned vehicle that matched the description of a stolen truck and trailer. While making a U-turn the second cruiser T-boned the first vehicle. Both officers sustained injuries from the collision, one was treated and released from Beaufort Memorial Hospital.  The second officer was transported to Medical University of South Carolina Hospital in Charleston where the officer… Read More


Who Is at Fault for Swimming Pool Accidents, Drowning?

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 27 Jun, 2014

swimming-pool-ladderSummer has officially arrived in South Carolina, which means many will be spending long days at swimming pools. Unfortunately, pool season is very dangerous for young children who are at risk of drowning due to improper supervision or as a result of the failure of property owners to follow basic pool safety rules.

Homeowners have an obligation to secure their swimming pools and make sure young children cannot wander in and drown. If your child is injured or killed in a swimming pool accident due to a homeowner’s failure to act, you can take legal action to recover compensation. A Charleston accident… Read More


Car Plummets off Blossom St. Bridge

Posted by Mary Lightman on 16 Jan, 2014

Hunter DesportesA man and a woman are dead after their SUV plummeted from the Blossom Street Bridge into the Congaree River late Thursday night. According to officials, emergency crews responded to the call near Blossom Street around 9:45 p.m. Rescuers found the vehicle submerged in the water.

The woman was able to be retrieved from the water by rescue crews, after which she was transported to a local hospital. According to Richland County Coroner, Gary Watts, the woman later died at the hospital.

With the assistance of a crane, emergency crews were able to remove the SUV. The body of a man was recovered from it at… Read More


Fatal Carolina Parasailing Accident Prompts Coast Guard to Consider Regulations on Industry

Posted by Reese M. Stidham on 29 Oct, 2009

Charleston water accident lawyers at Howell and Christmas know that recreational water sports and activities can lead to catastrophic injuries. One needs to look no further than August of 2009 when two women were killed while parasailing on the Carolina coast.

As part of its investigation into an August 2009 parasail accident that killed two women, the U.S. Coast Guard may submit recommendations for the first regulations of the parasailing industry.

In the fatal accident, two women were parasailing at Ocean Isle Beach, NC when the line connecting their parasail to the boat snapped and wind… Read More