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Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Charleston

A workplace injury can be severe and life-changing. Adequate benefits should be available through workers’ compensation, but that is not always the case. If you’ve been hurt on the job, you may need the help of a trial-ready law firm to fight for your rights and recover payment for expenses associated with your injury.

The Law Offices of Howell & Christmas, LLC, have over 40 years of combined experience serving the hard-working people of Charleston, South Carolina. Our team of trial lawyers and paralegal staff provide compassionate support and advocacy for workers hurt on the job. We handle all types of work-related claims and workers’ compensation cases, and are committed to fighting for the benefits that our clients deserve.

The fact is that insufficient workplace health and safety protections are currently in place, and injured workers often delay or avoid filing claims. This is due to a fear of retaliation from employers who want to deny adequate care and compensation. Workplace injuries are widespread. The Occupational Safety and Health Act ensures that employers provide a safe and healthy working environment,  yet more than 6 million workers are injured or become sick on the job each year in the U.S.


What is Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

According to South Carolina law, an injured worker is entitled to all necessary medical treatment that is likely to lessen the disability. This coverage is available no matter who is at fault—whether you, the employer, or no one caused the injury.

Compensation generally pays for surgery, hospitalization, medical supplies, prosthetic devices, and prescriptions. If you are an employee with workers’ compensation coverage, then the insurance carrier must pay for (1) all medical expenses related to your injuries; (2) weekly disability benefits checks for the period of time you are written out of work by your authorized doctors; and (3) a lump sum payment for any permanent disability and/or wage loss you may have after completion of your medical treatment.

Workplace injuries due to slips, trips, and falls will be covered, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome caused by repetitive use of the hands and arms. You are also covered under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act if you aggravate and/or re-injure a pre-existing medical condition.

topworkeravvoworkeravvoHow Can a Charleston Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help You?

Lawyers at our Charleston firm understand that during this period of difficulty and stress, you may need a legal advocate to deal with insurance companies. You may have many questions about your case. An experienced attorney who understands South Carolina workers’ compensation laws can provide invaluable assistance.

An aggressive strategy may be necessary to get the medical treatment, compensation and other damages that you are entitled to under the law. Our attorneys will consider all available evidence and case law to assist you in pursuing your work injury benefits.

Our offices are conveniently located in nearbyNorth Charlestonand Mount Pleasant, just minutes from the Arthur Ravenel Bridge. We are available for aconfidential meetingwith you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Evening, weekend, home and hospital visits are always an option. If you’re suffering from a workplace injury and you need an experienced attorney to manage your legal affairs, contact Howell & Christmas, LLC for a free consultation today.

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