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The information listed above are just some of the Verdicts, Awards and Settlements South Carolina accident attorneys Howell and Christmas, LLC have acquired for their clients. The information given above are examples of the kinds of cases our law firm has handled in the past. The outcomes in those cases should not be read as anything other than that and should not be used to imply or characterize the type of results we can get for you or another client and do not represent the quality of work that would be performed in another case. Also, past results on a case or cases does not mean that our firm can or will obtain similar results in future cases. In short, our law firm cannot guarantee results or the outcome of any case. Furthermore, some cases listed above combine results from a person that suffered injuries that led to them having both a workers’ compensation claim and also a third party tort claim, and/or a federal long shore workers’ compensation claim that resulted in combined recovery from both cases arising from the same accident. Also, some of the workers’ compensation claims listed above include past temporary total disability and past and future medical care and treatment payments in addition to indemnity benefits paid at the end of the case. Also, the value of all cases have been rounded down to an even number; For example: $1,250,560.00 would be rounded down to $1,250,000.00). Finally, several of the cases listed were obtained with co-counsel from another law firm or firms.

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