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Reese Stidham Discusses Low Country Helmets for Kids Program

  1. What about “Low Country Helmets for Kids.” What is that and where do I find it?

    Low Country Helmets for Kids was started by lawyers at Howell & Christmas.  The mission of Low Country Helmets for Kids initially was to work with local law enforcement.  The idea was not only to get bike helmets to children in need who didn’t have them, but to also give local law enforcement opportunities to interact with the community in a positive manner. So we teamed up with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, City of Charleston Police Department, North Charleston Police Department, Mount Pleasant Police Department and Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office, and we partner with them to help get those Read More

  2. How many helmets do you typically give out in a year?

    It varies from year to year.  At our last event we handed out 216 helmets.  I can’t tell you from year to year, but I would say the ballpark figure is maybe close to 1,000 helmets. Wow.  I’m sure you’ve saved a lot of injuries from happening. Well, the numbers would seem to say that, yes. If I can’t afford a helmet for my child, what should I do? We do helmet giveaways at several local events.  A Kid’s Fair put on by the Charleston Jewish Community Center, the First Day Festival put on by the City of Charleston, and Read More

  3. What do I have to do to get a free helmet for my child from Low Country Helmets? Are there income limits?

    There are no income limits.  We hand out helmets to any child who needs one and as of right now, the only way to get one of our helmets is to be at one of our events.  You can find out when our events are coming up on our Facebook page and our website. How often do you do the events and what are they?  What goes on at the event? The events vary and we do probably eight to ten events a year. We do bicycle rodeos, where we team up with local law enforcement and get kids out Read More

  4. What is the story is behind it as far as the connection to the Howell & Christmas Law Firm. Why did your firm get involved in that in the first place?

    I guess first and foremost we do brain injury work and unfortunately we’ve represented some children who have suffered brain injuries. All the lawyers here are parents and you know, child brain injury is probably the most tragic thing that we have to deal with in our line of work. We decided that if there was something we could do to prevent these, because we’ve seen the terrible lifelong consequences that come along with a brain injury, then we should do something about it. So that’s how it got started. Read More

  5. What other accessories do you recommend besides the helmet for safety? Do kids need knee pads for bikes?

    Reflective clothing or bright clothing, helmets, the bell, and yes, light elbow pads would be one option, but we typically just focus on the helmet. Are you all bike riders or enthusiasts yourselves? No. We’re not, but between the three of us we have nine kids. What about skateboarders?  Does Helmets for Kids do anything with that or is it specifically about bicycle riding? It’s specifically bikes, though skateboarders probably need to wear more protective gear and certainly, helmets are just as important. Are there any other bicycle safety tips that I didn’t ask you about? We just focus on Read More