After Hours And Weekend Appointments

Our Charleston accident lawyers are committed to treating you with respect and professionalism you deserve.  We work hard to help you with your case from the beginning, when we have our initial client meeting with you, through the middle and the end of your case.  Most cases we even pride ourselves on following up with you and how you are doing long after your case is over and our representation of you has concluded.

Having practiced accident and injury law since the 1990’s, we understand that your work schedule and/or life schedule may not conform to traditional work hours and that you may not be able to meet with one of our accident attorneys in one of our offices or even during normal business hours.  With the above in mind, we recognize that you may need our help after hours, or on weekends or even on the holidays. That is why our experienced accident attorneys at Howell and Christmas, LLC are proud to offer you appointments during nights, weekends or even holidays.

Furthermore, we are happy to meet with you at your home or at your hospital room or really at any location that makes it easier for you. We are also very proud to offer you other options to meet regarding your accident case.  Our accident attorneys are also available for phone consultation, Face Time consultations, Skype, or any method of communication that you choose that works for and makes sense for you.

So if you or a family member or someone else you know has been injured in a serious accident, call the South Carolina accident lawyers at Howell & Christmas, LLC, now.  Our Charleston accident attorneys are here to assist you twenty-four (24) hours a day and seven (7) days a week.  Learn your rights and do not be taken advantage of by the insurance company.  Call today.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your injury case.

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