Beaufort Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

An on-the-job accident can devastate an individual and family. Treating an injury is expensive and the injury could make working impossible just as medical bills come in. Workers’ compensation laws ensure that you have the money you need to pay for treatment and care for yourself and your family.

Workers’ compensation should provide benefits after any injury or illness directly caused by your job. Unfortunately, sometimes employers and insurers fail to take care of their workers when an injury occurs. The law says you should receive benefits, and a Beaufort workers compensation lawyer will fight to help you get them. A knowledgeable injury attorney can help with all aspects of your work injury claim.

Filing a Workplace Injury Claim

Workers’ compensation provides 100 percent coverage of treatment costs for health problems caused by work. Injured employees who cannot work or who are restricted to light duty will also be provided with temporary or permanent disability benefits depending on how long their impairment lasts. In the case of a workplace fatality, dependents may receive death benefits.

These benefits are available any time an injury or an illness can be directly linked to a worker’s job. These benefits, which a Beaufort workers compensation attorney can help with include:

  • Injuries resulting from accidents on or off a normal worksite
  • Illnesses resulting from exposure to lead, asbestos, toxic chemicals or other workplace hazards
  • Injuries resulting from repetitive stress or overexertion, such as carpal tunnel or a herniated disc

Workers should become eligible for benefits after they notify their employer of their illness or injury, and employers should complete appropriate paperwork to make this possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Employers or the insurers who provide workers’ compensation coverage may:

  • Deny legitimate claims
  • Try to make workers return to their jobs before they are healed
  • Impose unreasonable limitations on medical treatment or other benefits

The law protects injured workers from this type of unjust behavior, but you need to take action to get the money you need by hiring a Beaufort workers compensation lawyer.

Rights of an Individual

To ensure you get the work-injury benefits you deserve, you need to understand your rights, notify your employer of your injuries in a timely manner, and follow up with an appeal if you have problems.

An experienced Beaufort workers compensation attorney can help every step of the way. Workers’ comp benefits are available to you regardless of your employer’s negligence and even, under some circumstances, when you may have made mistakes that contributed to causing the injury. Since you cannot sue your employer, these benefits may be the only way to get your medical costs covered and get the income you need to support yourself and family after a serious injury. A Beaufort workers compensation attorney understands how high the stakes are, and will treat your work-injury claim with the importance that it deserves.

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