South Carolina Injury Attorneys Take Note Of A Child’s Brain Injury Incurred At Seattle Hospital

While undergoing an angioplasty, a common procedure to improve blood flow by inflating a synthetic balloon to expand a blood vessel in the heart, a two-year-old boy lost brain functions and his ability to see, speak, and walk. South Carolina injury lawyers note that the cause of the child’s brain injuries and permanent loss of routine abilities was due to a blood vessel tearing. The tear occured on the right side of the child’s heart that led to internal bleeding and ultimately the boy’s disabilities.

Investigating the Seattle Children’s hospital February surgery is Washington’s Department of Health. The investigation started this past Tuesday, three months after the boy’s family hired an experienced injury lawyer and sent a request to the state agency to look into the hospital and doctor’s account of the operation.

Prior operations had been done on the child’s heart and were conducted without any complications. In documented records the doctor in charge of the procedure was confused by the outcome and resulting brain injuries to the child as the same procedure had been done to the left side of the child’s heart.

For more information on this and other recent child injuries and wrongful deaths Charleston injury lawyers suggest visiting The Seattle Times, the reporting source for this article.

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