Could Robots Be The Answer For Spinal Cord Injury Victims?

A group conducting research in Brazil has made a promising discovery: Victims of spinal cord injury can possible regain some movement after undergoing brain training while interacting with robots. The results provide promising information that could eventually be used to assist spinal cord injury patients around the world.

As reported in Scientific Reports, eight people experiencing paralysis took part in the study. While no patient regained enough sensation or mobility to stand on their own two legs, they did have some partial healing that could greatly impact their quality of life. Patients participating in the study had better bladder and bowel control, and one female participant regained enough sensation and control to deliver her child naturally.

Participation in the study included visualizing muscle movement while wearing virtual reality goggles. Tactile feedback was delivered to the patients’ arms. The researchers discovered that as the participants were better able to visualize muscle movement, they began to regain sensation and movement in real life. The participants in the study had been paralyzed from three to 13 years.

Other therapy included extensive stimulation and physical therapy. Those who are not so excited about the research point out that anyone given this type of therapy for 12 consecutive months could potentially realize the same results. One such expert, Edelle Field-Fote of the Shepherd Center at Emory University, also said that each participant had at least some ability to walk, be it with assistance.

Researchers of this study are pleased with their results, no matter what anyone else thinks or says. They are so pleased, in fact, that they plan to expand their study with a new group of volunteers in the near future. If the research goes down the right path, it could mean big things for those who previously thought they had no chance of any type of recovery.

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