Daylight Savings Time And Workplace Injury

Fall back, spring ahead. Many people repeat this phrase in their heads twice a year to remember which way to set their clocks. “Fall back” will soon be upon us, and many people are dreading it. Even though we get an extra hour of sleep, many find it hard to go to bed on time and actually lose sleep.

A mild inconvenience for some and a major annoyance for many, daylight saving time has effects that most don’t consider. As we approach the time of the year when we set our clocks back, it’s important to know how your body, and your life, may be affected.

1. Workplace Injuries

A 2009 study showed that there is an increase in workplace injuries in the spring, immediately following the clocks springing ahead. This is attributed to an hour’s loss of sleep, which may make workers less able to focus and be attentive to their safety and that of others.

2. Car Accidents

Another study showed that there is an increase in car accidents immediately following a change of the clocks. Again, this may be attributed to a lack of adequate sleep and the body’s inability to reset itself rapidly. For many, it can take a week or more for the body to catch up to the time change.

3. Heart Attacks

Data was taken from Michigan hospitals for three years. The Monday after daylight saving time, there was a 25 percent increase in heart attacks. Strangely enough, the months’ rates of heart attacks did not increase. Researchers believe that this may be because the people who were most vulnerable to heart attack had them immediately following the change in time and not later.

4. Sleep Efficiency

Daylight savings time disrupts the normal pattern of sleep, disrupting a person’s sleep efficiency by 10 percent. Not only are a person’s hours of sleep affected, but so is the efficiency of their sleep. Again, it can take a week or more for the body’s natural rhythms to catch up to the change in time.

Like it or hate it, daylight saving time is coming. By understanding that your body will need time to reset itself, you can be more cautious in your actions.

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