Deadly Car Crash In Lexington South Carolina Kills Two Children

A rear end car accident in South Carolina took the lives of two children last week. The victims vehicle was slowing to a stop or had already stopped when it was struck violently from behind by a motorcycle and also by a truck. Two children were riding in the car that was hit from behind. Even though both children, 5-year-old Parker Hewitt and 3-year-old Haley Hewitt, were wearing seat belts and were both in car seats, the collision took their lives. Another car that was driving on the other side of the road was struck by the truck, which then overturned.

South Carolina officials report that the mother of the victims’ car was also wearing a seat belt. Authorities report that she was in stable condition but was taken by airlift to the Medical College of Georgia . The motorcycle driver was also taken by helicopter to the same hospital. One of the drivers of another vehicle in the crash was taken by emergency medical services to Lexington Medical Center, where he was treated for his injuries and later released.

A tow shop owner for over 20 years, Clay Boland, was interviewed and noted that this accident marked that 28 fatality he has been witness to while working in his job. He noted that every death stays with him but that when children are involved “it just tears you up…”. He further noted that in the time he has worked in the tow business that he has seen a number of children killed in car accidents.

Numerous crosses and flowers are placed at the intersection where the deadly accident took place in memory of other victims that died near or at this intersection. The accident remains under investigation by the Highway Patrol and the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.

Source: Parishioners mourn the loss of two children in Lexington Co. accident,, June 29, 2009.

Howell and Christmas, analysis and commentary: While the accident, that is the subject of this blog, happened in Lexington county, the low country have more than its share of Charleston car accident deaths. In my opinion, always wearing your seat belt is the best way to prevent injuries and death. Please don’t let the fact that these children, who died in this most recent crash, were in their child seats and wearing their seat belts deter you and your family from wearing your safety belts when driving. Sometimes the impact from a crash is just too great for anyone to survive no matter what safety measures are taken. However, most times using your seat belt will drastically reduce your risk of injury.

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