Disabled Man Injured In Dispute With Dorchester Deputies

There is no doubt the police do heroic work, but they are only human. Sometimes, their intervention can create some unfortunate results, though they meant only to protect themselves and others. Despite their intentions, police departments are just as liable for the damages they cause as much as any citizen, if not more so.

After an incident with the police, a mentally-disabled man was hospitalized when he fell through a glass door in his Harleyville home on March 1, said his family and police. According to the 45-year-old man’s father, the man has the mentality of a small child.
Two deputies were dispatched to the home when a neighbor reported a woman screaming. The neighbor stated she attempted to call the home, but there was no answer. When police arrived, they knocked and saw the man inside moving around and peeking through the blinds, but no one opened the door. According to the man’s mother, he was told never to open the door and to stay inside at all times.

The deputies yelled for the man to come to the door repeatedly, according to police report. The man then opened the garage door, holding a six-inch knife. In fear of their lives, the police pulled their guns and ordered the man to drop the knife and get on the ground. Eventually, the man did drop the knife, but instead of getting on the ground, he turned to go back into the house. The deputies chased him, which led to the man falling through the glass door.

The parents of the man arrived home, after attending a funeral, and ordered the police to leave their property. They also refused medical care, preferring to take care of him themselves. The parents are currently considering legal action.

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