Downtown Charleston Bike Accident Solidifies Reason To Step Up Bike Law Enforcement

At the busy downtown intersection of Calhoun and King Streets a bicyclist was struck by an S.U.V. breaking the rider’s pelvis. Breaking a pelvis can be a severe injury because of the potential damage to surrounding tissues, arteries, nerves, and veins. According to the police report, the collision occurred in the early evening and was the result of the driver of the S.U.V. failing to yield to the cyclist. The S.U.V. was identified as a 2003 Ford and was traveling west on Calhoun and struck the 21-year-old on bike, who had a green light, when taking a left onto King.

The young cyclist was taken to the Medical University of South Carolina’s Hospital to receive treatment for the broken pelvis, while the driver of the Ford was charged with reckless driving.

In regards to bicycles downtown, knowledgeable attorneys have noticed that Charleston police have made an effort to make the city safer for its two-wheeled travelers through stronger enforcement of bike laws. The campaign to make streets safer for both bicyclists and motorists will be led by educating bike riders that they are required to follow the same road rules as motorists, such as obeying traffic signals and signs.

Charleston personal injury lawyers want to warn motorists that if they violate state law requiring them to exercise due care and practice caution around cyclists they will be ticketed. The initiative promoting bike safety is focused on the area west of King St. between Broad and Spring streets, an area occupied by the College of Charleston and inhabited by a large percentage of its student body.

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