Electrical Worker Dies On The Job At Prison Due To Electrocution

A worker from an electrical contracting company has been electrocuted and a second worker was injured while they were doing electrical work in Maryland. According to officials, two General Electric employees were working on an electrical control upgrade at Maryland’s largest correctional facility, Eastern Correctional Institution in Westover on Thursday morning.

One worker received a fatal shock and died, while the other worker was taken to a hospital in Salisbury.  Their condition was not disclosed.

A spokesman for Eastern Correctional Institution said that there was no loss of power at the facility as a result of the accident and there was minimal disruption at the prison.

The incident is currently under investigation by Maryland Occupational Safety and Health.

Anyone can have a workplace accident, no matter how focused they are on safety. Some workers, such as electricians and others who work in potentially dangerous jobs face even more risk.  Accidents can happen when you are merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. A worker can suffer a fall, be exposed to chemicals and solvents, be hurt from high voltage equipment and wires, and even be injured as the result of careless actions of others.

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