South Carolina Alleged Child Sexual Abuse: Ex-Janitor Charged With Sex Crime

South Carolina child injury and death lawyers would like to remind parents to talk to their children about appropriate and inappropriate interactions with adults and school staff. A new charge was brought the janitor formerly employed by Harleyville-Ridgeville Elementary School janitor.

The janitor was accused of writing a three-page love letter to an 11 year old female student. January 7, he was charged with delinquency of a minor after authorities investigated allegations of a love letter given to a female student. He is currently in Dorchester Country Detention Center being held without bail.

The new charge the janitor faces is first degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor, after allegations were made that he had sexual conduct with the same 11 year old female student. The alleged sexual conduct is reported to have taken place before the janitor wrote the three-page love letter. Dorchester County School District 4 spokeswoman said that Williams is no longer an employee of the school district.

Source: The Post and Courier- “Ex-janitor charged with sex crime.” March 5, 2010.

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