Fewer Trauma Injuries At Children’s Hospital Thanks To ThinkFirst Program

The national program, ThinkFirst, is a brain and spinal cord injury prevention program. It is a school-based program that goes to elementary, middle, and high schools to talk to children about ways to prevent brain and spinal cord injuries. The program covers topics such as motor vehicle safety, bike safety, water safety and pedestrian safety to avoid accidents and injuries. The organization, which was started in 2003 at Children’s Hospital, is funded by community partners like Kohl’s Department Store. ThinkFirst programs educate young people about their personal vulnerability and the importance of making smart decisions. The organization’s message to youth is that they can have a fun-filled, exciting life, without hurting themselves if they simply think first.

The organization’s efforts seem to be paying off, as Children’s Hospital reported half as many potentially life altering or life threatening injuries in 2009 as in 2005. This goes to show the significant role that education plays in keeping children informed and safe so that they grow up to be healthy and successful adults.

Source: CBS 42- “Trauma Injuries Steadily Declining at Children’s Hospital”- Sept. 17, 2009

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