Grain Bin Accident Suffocates Man In Union County

For people who have never worked on a farm, a grain bin may seem like an innocent storage device. However, working in a grain bin is one of the most dangerous occupations on the farm. Many people die every year from suffocation working in grain bins. One man recently died in Union County in a grain suffocation accident. Once he fell into the grain he sank. Co-workers were unable to rescue him, and OSHA is conducting an investigation.

The surface of a pile of grain may look smooth, but it is very easy for it to form crusts and voids. Breaking up these crusts is necessary to get all the grain out. When the crusted grain is broken through, a person in a bin may suddenly find themselves deep in the pile. Once grain is up beyond a person’s knees it’s almost impossible for them to get themselves out without assistance. Other hazards include internal augers in the bin and fans.

Anyone who works around dangerous equipment should be made aware of the dangers. They should have proper safety equipment and training. Failure to do so can open a company up to liability, and rightly so. If you’ve been injured on the job, or if your loved one was killed, you may be eligible for compensation. Call Howell & Christmas for a free consultation.

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