Howell & Christmas’ Lowcountry Helmets for Kids Donates 150 Free Helmets

Over 400 children are killed each year in bicycle related accidents, with this in mind, the Bike accident lawyers at Howell and Christmas, along with Lowcountry Helmets for Kids, have particicpated in the Charleston KidsFair providing free helmets to over 150 children in need.

Lowcountry Helmets for Kids, along with Howell & Christmas participated in the Charleson KidsFair, held last weekend at the Gaillard Auditorium in downtown Charleston. The annual event, in its 29th year, was sponsored by the Charleston Jewish Community Center and the City of Charleston.

Helmets for Kids, with the assistance of our long-standing partner, Officer Harry Sosa and the City of Charleston Police Department, distributed more than 150 brand new bicycle helmets to children-in-need, free of charge.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 400 children are tragically killed each year in bicycle-related accidents, with another 153,000 children needing emergency medical care because of bicycle-related head injuries.

Even though head injury is the number one cause of death and serious disability in bike accidents, only 15 percent of children wear bicycle helmets all or most of the time.

The law firm of Howell & Christmas established Lowcountry Helmets for Kids more than five years ago as a way distribute free bicycle helmets to children through law enforcement agencies in an effort to help prevent brain injuries.

In doing so, we accomplish two goals – providing law enforcement an opportunity to interact with the community in a positive manner while, most importantly, providing our children with much-needed protection.

While continuing our partnership with local law enforcement, Lowcountry Helmets for Kids is always seeking to expand our reach and provide free bicycle helmets to children in a number of ways. If you would like to help us spread the word about Helmets for Kids, know of any events or organizations which may want to assist, or donate new bicycle helmets or your time, please let us know.

One-hundred percent of all donations go to buy helmets for the kids. Zero percent of donations go to administrative costs of the program. The law firm of Howell and Christmas pays every single penny of the charity’s administrative costs.

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