iPhone Catches Fire In Woman’s Pants

Cell phones are a teenager’s constant companion, but a young lady in Maine suffered burns on her body after her iPhone malfunctioned. She had just sat down, and heard a popping sound coming from her back pocket. After seeing smoke, she stopped, dropped and rolled to put out the flames, saving her from serious injury. Her friends asked the gentlemen in the classroom to leave, as she removed her pants and wrapped up in a blanket that a teacher brought her. She was treated at the hospital for first- and second- degree burns. Officials say that the girl may have shorted out the battery when she sat down, causing an electrical fire. Apple has yet to comment on the story, but people are cautioned to avoid crushing their phones when sitting down.

Burns aren’t a common injury from using a cell phone, but there are other risks. Hearing loss and carpal tunnel are just a few of the physical ailments that can result from long term use of cell phones. Radiation is another concern, as scientists have noticed an increase in certain types of cancers in long-term phone users. It is recommended to use headsets and limit time spent on cell phones to avoid these complications.

Bizarre accidents can happen at any time, and they may not be your fault. Being injured by a safety flaw in a commonly used device is not uncommon, and consumers deserve to be protected. If you are injured by an electronic malfunctioning, contacting a lawyer can help you preserve your legal rights.

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