South Carolina Wrongful Death Lawyers – Jury Orders Defendant To Pay Over 40 Million

The experienced accident attorneys at Howell and Christmas are pleased to announce that a Georgia jury has found that a nursing home operator must pay over 40 million in damages in a wrongful death case. The owner also faces federal charges for alleged fraud steming from the company’s billing of Medicare. The monies from the verdict are to be paid to the estate of a man who died from inadequate care while living in the facility. According to reports, the nursing home had been cited for numerous violations, both state and federal, while operating.

The home was operating under the name Moran Lake Nursing Home and was located in Rome, Georgia. This was one of three care facilities owned and operated by the defendant. The federal charges against the homes’ operator allege that he took monies from medicare and medicaid that were intended to provide needed medical care and treatment to those living at these homes but instead the money was allegedly used for the owner’s personal gain for things like private homes and cars.

The deceased plaintiff had allegedly fallen on several occasions causing serious injuries such as a hip fracture. The nursing home was negligent in not informing the plaintiff’s family of his injuries and in failing to inform his doctors of same. According to reports, the Georgia Department of Human Resources” Office of Regulatory Services inspected the home over the past few years and as a result of their investigation closed the facility permanently. The home is now operating again but under a different name and with different management.

Nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers know that these cases are serious and must be addressed more adequately by our legislature and courts. As the baby boomer generation retires, these nursing homes are going to get more crowded and the resident’s care will likely only get worse. While there are good laws in place to prevent inadequate care at these businesses, more needs to be done so that action can be taken quickly to close those engaged in lax and negligent operation. This must happen to protect the public and keep wrongful deaths like this one from happening.

Source: Atlanta Business News – “Nursing home operator ordered to pay $43.5 million in wrongful death lawsuit.” September 3, 2010.

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