Keeping Older Drivers Safe At Work

Work-related deaths occur daily across the United States and one of the leading causes of these deaths is motor vehicle crashes. Home health care professionals, sales representatives and truck drivers all operate a vehicle as part of their employment duties. As these workers age, there risk for accident increases. Keeping older drivers safe at work is a responsibility of any employer who has drivers on their payroll.

Safety Training

Safety training is not something that occurs once, it is ongoing. Employees should be trained yearly regarding their companies safety policies and procedures, including those that pertain to operating a motor vehicle.

Flexible Hours

More flexible hours for older drivers can help ensure their safety. By allowing older drivers to stay off of the road during peak travel times or to stop and sleep when they are tired, they are less likely to be involved in an accident.


Older drivers may have concerns about driving that they are ashamed or hesitant to mention. Employers should take time to have conversations with their workforce, being open and attentive to concerns. When drivers know that their thoughts and feelings are welcome, they are more likely to share them.

Safety Features

It is not unusual for companies to purchase new vehicles to add to their fleets. Employers should never assume that all drivers understand how to operate all vehicles. New features are added to vehicles every year. When new vehicles are purchased for the company, drivers should receive training on any safety or operating features that may not be familiar.

Added Benefit

An added benefit to a workplace motor vehicle safety plan is its reach beyond the place of employment. Safety training can trickle into a driver’s personal life. These workers may be more prone to driving their own vehicles in a safe manner once they have received training at work.

Older drivers do not have to have their keys taken away, nor should they. Any employer that has senior drivers should take the time to develop a motor vehicle safety program. With training and knowledge of the proper safety protocols, every driver in the company is safer on the road.

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