Michelin To Pay $12 Million For Car Crash

In the case of Cruz v. Michelin North America, a jury decided that the world’s second largest tire maker, Michelin & Cie., must pay $11.96 million for a 2006 truck accident that killed six people and paralyzed a young boy. The jury determined that a tire defect in a Goodrich tire made by the company was a substantial factor in the crash.

The accident occurred when a tire on the truck in which they were riding failed and the vehicle to swerve into oncoming traffic. According to an attorney for the plaintiffs, the jury found that broken air conditioners and leaky roofs caused moisture to get on the tires, which led to the tread-belt separation. The jury felt that there was a clear manufacturing defect in the tire and that Michelin should pay for the irreversible damage it caused.

South Carolina product liability lawyers know that when dangerous defects are found in products you use, the manufacturer may be liable for any harm you experience. Working with an experienced attorney can ensure that you collect the benefits you are entitled to.

Source: Bloomberg.com-“Michelin Loses $12 Million Verdict in Suit Over Crash (Update1)”- September 10, 2009.

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