Repetitive Trauma And Your Claim

You have an accident at work and get hurt. You are well aware that you have the right to file a worker’s compensation claim. But what if you don’t have an accident? What if you are injured, and you know it is caused by your job, but you cannot point to a specific incident? What many people do not understand is that there does not have to be a traumatic accident at their workplace in order to file a claim.

If you perform the same tasks repetitively at work and sustain an injury, you do have a worker’s compensation claim. That’s because this type of injury is called repetitive trauma. And it is an injury that would not have occurred if you were not performing your job.

A key to having a successful claim is how you explain things to your doctor. Let’s take a look at how two very different visits could go:

Visit #1

I work in data entry.

Visit #2

I work in data entry. I sit in front of a computer for 7 hours a day, entering information on a keyboard. My keyboard sits flat on my desk, and my chair is not in the best shape. I began to notice that my wrists hurt about three months ago, and that it is worse in the evening when I get home. I am here because it hasn’t gotten any better.

Do you see the difference? The second example paints a clear picture of what could have led to your problems. Simply telling your doctor what your job title is is not going to help you in a worker’s compensation claim. Your doctor does not have time to guess what you do or how long you do it.

When you visit your doctor for what you believe to be a work-related injury, be very clear about what you believe may have caused the injury. Your doctor may very well look at your injuries in a different way if he or she knows that there may be a specific underlying cause.

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