School Mascot Injures Fan

School spirit at football games can be infections and exciting. But sometimes things can get out of hand and someone could get hurt in the heat of the moment. That is what happened at a recent game at Arizona State University. An official from suburban Phoenix has filed a lawsuit against Arizona State University, saying that ASU’s mascot, Sparky, seriously injured his back when the costumed character playfully leaped on him at a football game just two months after he had surgery.

The suit was filed by Tempe City Councilman David Schapira regarding an incident that happened on September 18th. The mascot’s actions set back his recovery after surgery and led to being hospitalized for four days and additional physical therapy.

Schapira is seeking more than $96,000 in damages and an additional $27,000 to reimburse the city for his medical bills.

The costumed mascot for ASU jumped on Schapira’s back while he was taking a photo on the sidelines during halftime of the game. The councilman said that he was using a cane and had just handed it to his wife to hold when the mascot pounced. Schapira alluded that he doesn’t believe the mascot saw him walking with his cane earlier before halftime.

ASU officials have already publicly apologized and promised to cover his medical expenses from the mishap.

Schapira, who is in the process of the completion of his master’s degree in education leadership from ASU next month, said he has no ill will toward whoever was playing the mascot when the incident occurred.

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