Schools May Be Held Liable For Student Injuries

Parents and guardians send their children to school with the assumption that not only will they learn something new, but they will be kept safe. Parents entrust not only the learning of their children to teachers and administrators, but their care as well. When a child is injured because a school staff member failed their duty in keeping that child safe, the student’s family may have an injury claim.

School injuries can occur for a number of different reasons. Most injuries that take place at school are in the guise of sports participation. While sports play may account for a number of school-related injuries, students are also hurt in fights, assaults and accidents. When these incidents occur on school property, the school may be held liable for any damages that result.

Schools are not only responsible for keeping students safe from one another. In some instances, students are hurt because the school itself is not maintained properly. Slips and falls due to slick surfaces or other dangerous conditions can happen. When it does, the family has a good chance of winning a premise liability claim.

Sports Injuries

Before a student is permitted to play a sport at school, parents must sign a release of liability waiver. This says that the school may not be sued for an injury that occurs during sports play that happens under supervision or coaching. When a student is hurt because they are not being properly supervised, the school may be sued. a liability waiver does not give the school permission to be negligent in their supervision of children.


If a school knows that bullying is occurring and an assault takes place as a result of that bullying, they can be held liable for any injuries that are incurred. In these cases, the plaintiff will have to prove that the school was aware of the bullying or that an assault was imminent and did nothing to prevent the potential injury.

In the case of school shootings, the school can be held liable. It can be difficult to prove that a school was negligent in this type of incident, but cases like this have gone to court and been won by the victims.

No parent wants to receive a phone call from the school that says their child has been injured. Parents assume, and rightfully so, that their child will be safe while they are in a school building and on its grounds. When a child is hurt at school, the school itself may be held liable for those injuries.

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