South Carolina Woman Gives Birth To Stillborn And Arrested

Around three hours north of the offices of Howell and Christmas, Charleston accident and injury lawyers, is Bennettsville, South Carolina, where last week a woman was charged with neglect in the death of her stillborn child. The 27-week-old child was delivered at Marlboro Park Hospital to a 29-year old woman who tested positive for cocaine in a test administered by hospital officials after the delivery.

The Marlboro County Coroner, Tim Brown, is awaiting the results of the autopsy to determine the exact cause of the infants death. The autopsy is being conducted at the Medical University of South Carolina in downtown Charleston.

According to the Post and Courier it isn’t known if the woman has legal representation. What is known is she is being held at the Marlboro County Jail while her other three children have been placed under the care of their grandmother.

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