Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs

When it comes to workers’ compensation claims, there are certain jobs that are deemed to be more dangerous than others. Jobs like accounting and teaching are thought to be fairly safe, while jobs like construction and factory work are filled with accidents waiting to happen. The following is a list of what are thought to be the 10 most dangerous jobs today.

1. Fisherman

The job of a fisherman is a dangerous one. There are approximately 116 deaths for every 100,000 worker. The hours are long and the work environment is dangerous. From accidents on board to weathering tropical storms, these workers need to be on their toes at all times.

2. Loggers

When it comes to logging jobs, there are 91 fatalities per 100,000 people in the profession each year. The number of injuries are higher than that. Operating heavy-duty equipment in a somewhat unpredictable environment is thought to contribute to the danger.

3. Pilots

Few people would think that pilots have a dangerous job. When you take into consideration that all pilots are considered when tallying the numbers, it makes more sense. From operators of small, personal aircraft to jumbo jets, there are 71 fatalities per 100,000 workers.

4. Farmers

Farmers and rangers have dangerous jobs. There were 41 deaths per 100,000 workers in 2010, and 300 total fatalities in the same year.

5. Miners

Working underground, worrying about collapse isn’t the only thing on the minds of miners. Proper ventilation is another big problem.

6. Roofers

If you don’t have good balance, roofing probably isn’t a good choice. In 2010, there were an average of 32 fatalities for every 100,000 people in the profession. There were a total of 57 fatalities reported that year.

7. Refuse Collectors

26 refuse workers died in 2010. These people work around large vehicles and crushing equipment all day long.

8. Drivers

Any job that requires you to drive a vehicle is dangerous. When it comes to small businesses, death on the road is one of the biggest concerns.

9. Factory Workers

Working around large machinery every day puts factory workers on the top ten list of people in dangerous professions. Although there were just over 20 deaths per 100,000 workers, life-altering injuries were not tallied.

10. Police

Many people think that police officers and firemen have the most dangerous jobs. While they certainly are risky, they typically round out the top 10 instead of leading it. There are about 18 deaths per 100,000 first responders annually.

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