Uncertainty Shrowds A Woman’s Fall From Balcony Two Hours North Of Charleston

While browsing the local news yesterday evening our Charleston wrongful death attorneys came across a story coming out of Myrtle Beach, a mere 2 hours north of the Mount Pleasant office of Howell and Christmas. This past Wednesday, just before 11:00 a.m., a 34-year-old woman from North Carolina fell to her death from a balcony at the Sea Watch Resort.

According to the spokeswoman for Horry County Fire and Rescue, units were dispatched to the resort, located at 161 Sea Watch Drive, in response to a woman falling from a 7th floor balcony. While the initial report from Fire and Rescue says the woman fell from the 7th floor, the Horry County Coroner’s Office said she fell from the 17th floor. To add further uncertainty to this aspect of the fatal accident, investigators from the Horry County Police Department have concluded the woman fell from the 14th floor of the Sea Watch Resort.

As of yesterday morning it was uncertain if the woman was staying as a guest at the resort, or if she was just visiting. But it was know that she was at the resort with other people, one of which may have been the single witness taken to the Horry County Police Department for questioning.

However, no charges have been filed at this time because it remains unclear whether the woman’s death was accidental or intentional. An initial autopsy, like much of the information of the information on this incident, lacks any specificity, indicating, quite generally, that the woman died of multiple trauma due to the fall. It did not directly indicate a serious head injury of any kind, nor did the report made public make any mention of a back and spinal injury. We will just have to wait and see if any more information is disclosed to the public, or if any of the existing information is corrected.

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