Understanding Product Liability Law

There are dangerous products out there on the market that you may be unaware of. That is because when made correctly and used as intended, they typically cause little to no harm. Unfortunately, when products are not manufactured properly or an error occurs during their production that is not detected, some items can cause serious injury and, in the worst cases, death. Here is a brief rundown of product liability law.

“Product liability” refers to the company that makes a product being held liable if a defective item is purchased by consumers. Sellers may also fall under product liability law. Generally, the law states that products must meet the expectations of customers. Any product, when used as intended for a purpose it is expected to fulfill, should not cause injury.

Who is Responsible?

When a product is defective, there may be a variety of people or entity’s who are held responsible. Typically, this includes:

  • The manufacturer;
  • The manufacturer of parts used to make the product;
  • The person or company who puts the product together;
  • The wholesaler; and
  • The retail store where the product was sold.

Types of Defects

When you file a product liability lawsuit, you must be able to prove that the product was defective. Types of defects include:

  • Marketing defects: When the product is marketed improperly, people may be hurt. This includes a failure to provide adequate safety warnings or a failure to include sufficient instructions.
  • Design defects: These are problems with the design of the product from the beginning. Before it is made, the product has issues that make it unsafe.
  • Manufacturing defects: These issues arise during the making of the product.

You and your family should be able to purchase products from your local store and expect that they will work as intended. When this doesn’t happen and you suffer an injury, you have the right to file a product liability claim.

If you have been injured by a defective product in Charleston, call our office. We will review your case at no cost to you and advise you of your options. You may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you suffered. Call now for assistance or browse our website for more information about our firm.

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