Charleston Wrongful Death:West Ashley And Mt. Pleasant Men Killed Under Jacked Autos

According to the Post and Courier, Charleston County Chief Deputy Coroner Judy Koelpin named the second man in the same number of days to be killed while working under their car. South Carolina auto accident attorneys want you to know Nicholas Monich was working under his Audi S8 in the driveway of his West Ashley home when the jack holding the high-performance car slipped killing the 30-year-old Monich. The previous afternoon Gary Anthony of Mt. Pleasant was killed after trying to raise one of the two jacks holding his Mazda 626 above him. In the process it appears one slipped causing the car to fall on his chest, Anthony was 43 years old. It should be mentioned that neither of the two men had blocks under the wheels of their cars, doing so is strongly recommended when working with jacks to prevent wrongful death and other serious accidents. In one of the cases the jack was placed in dirt and is a major risk when working under cars, as well as using a jack on an incline.

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