What Is South Carolina’s Defense Base Act?

In the United States, workers who are injured on the job have a right to compensation for their injuries under workers’ compensation laws. Seamen who are injured on the job are protected under The Jones Act. Even maritime workers who are not seamen are protected under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. But what about workers who perform their duties off of American soil?

The Defense Base Act protects the rights of injured civilian workers on military bases. The act protects those working on bases in America, Iraq, Kuwait, Dubai, Afghanistan and anywhere there is a naval presence. The act provides for the same rights as given to those protected under the Longshore Act.

Workers who are injured on military bases, particularly overseas, often have a difficult time getting not only medical care, but compensation for their injuries. This is where the Defense Base Act comes into play. Any worker who is hurt while performing their duties on a military base is entitled to compensation for those injuries under federal law.

If you have been hurt in the scope of your employment, whether on a military base here at home or on foreign soil, you are entitled to be paid. Do not believe that you are not covered simply because you are not protected by typical workers’ compensation laws. You are indeed covered, and a competent attorney can ensure that your medical needs are paid for, as well as securing your payment for lost wages and the inability to return to work.

If you have been injured while performing your duties on a military base, reach out to our team of attorneys. We have experience fighting for the rights of injured employees, and we are more than willing to review the details of your injury at no charge to you. Call today to speak with a member of our team and learn about your options. We are here for you. Call now or browse our website for more information about our firm and how we can assist you.

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