When Should You Seek A Second Opinion?

Recent studies suggest that only 30 percent of Americans claim to be comfortable seeking a second opinion after an initial medical diagnosis. At Howell and Christmas, our extensive representation of victims of medical malpractice has shown us that getting a second opinion can have a positive impact on your healthcare.

Medical professionals misread tests now and again. Doctors can misunderstand patients when they are describing symptoms. A second opinion can help prevent a patient from having to undergo an unnecessary procedure due to misdiagnosis. The top reason given by people who don’t feel comfortable seeking a second opinion is a fear of offending their doctor.

The truth of the matter is that most doctors encourage their patients to seek a second opinion. Here is when you should.

  • Your doctor is certain of the diagnosis they have given you. A second doctor can offer confirmation.
  • You have been diagnosed and given treatment, but that treatment isn’t working.
  • You don’t feel as though your primary doctor is listening to you or giving you the attention you deserve.
  • You are diagnosed with a condition that is either rare or life threatening.
  • You lack confidence in your current doctor.

You must act as an advocate in your own healthcare. While trusting a doctor is something you should be able to do, even doctors make mistakes. A misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis can affect your health in a serious manner. Never be afraid to seek a second opinion from another healthcare provider. Doing so could mean the difference between proper treatment and serious illness.

If you believe that you have suffered unnecessarily because a doctor in Charleston did not diagnose you correctly, seek the legal advice of our team. A member of our staff will review the details of your medical malpractice case and advise you of your options under current law. Call us today for assistance and let us schedule a time to review your case.

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