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Were you injured by or on a boat, barge, vessel or any other type of water craft due to the negligence of someone else? Our Charleston maritime injury lawyers can help.

The Charleston injury lawyers at Howell and Christmas, LLC understand that you can be seriously injured or even killed while working, playing or even just being transported on the waterways of South Carolina. These cases fall under what is known as Admiralty Law. Whether you have been injured on or by a boat, Jetski, personal water craft, cruise ship, cargo ship, barge or any type of accident or injury on the water, we know the law and can help you get all of the medical treatment and money you deserve for your injuries and other losses.

Maritime Injury Law

Personal boats and other water craft make up the majority of accidents on the water in South Carolina however, there are also many unintentional and intentional injuries that harm our citizens and those visiting our state year after year. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you do not have a potential case. Call one of our experienced Charleston maritime injury attorneys now to provide you with legal counsel and advise regarding your case. There are many ways you may be entitled to recover money and medical damages from your accident. For example, all shipowners owe each passenger a duty or reasonable care. If they breach this duty and cause your injuries or death, they owe you damages to reimburse you for what you or your family have lost.

Role of An Admiralty Attorney

We have one objective when representing you and that is to help you and your family make the fastest recovery in the shortest amount of time necessary in your case. Do not trust the insurance company to treat you fairly. Call one of our Charleston maritime injury lawyers to find out what your rights are and to protect your interests. Those responsible for your accident and injuries will have representatives that have been trained to pay you the least amount of money owed and provide you with the least amount of medical treatment they can. You should never settle for less and owe it to yourself to hire your own representative that can be your partner in making a full recovery in your case. Our Charleston admiralty attorneys know that in order to protect those injured on the water we have to bring your claim against those responsible for your injuries to recover all of the damages you have suffered as a result of your accident. When we do this, you and our law firm can help make the waterways of South Carolina safe for all of us that use them and help prevent future negligence and accidents on the water.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to call one of our Charleston maritime injury lawyers today. Let one of our experienced Charleston admiralty lawyers give you straight answers to all your legal questions.

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