Charleston Deep Sea Fishing Accident Lawyer

Thousands of people take advantage of Charleston’s access to the sea to charter deep sea fishing vessels. In addition, hundreds of fishermen rely on these boats to make a living. While deep sea fishing can be an extremely enjoyable pastime, it can also result in serious accidents if carried out incorrectly. A professional Charleston deep sea fishing accident lawyer can represent not only those private individuals who may have suffered an injury on a deep sea fishing vessel, but also fishermen who have been injured while on the job. Read on to learn more about the ways a skilled accident attorney can make a difference in your case.

Dangers and Risks of Deep Sea Fishing

Working on a deep-sea fishing vessel or even enjoying a chartered fishing tour can mean working in dangerous conditions. Unfortunately, there are many ways a worker or individual can be injured while aboard a deep-sea fishing vessel, and some of the leading causes of deep sea fishing accidents include severe weather conditions, heavy machinery, and inadequate staffing.

Passengers and workers are especially at risk of falling overboard when a boat is traveling through choppy and unsteady waters in poor weather conditions, as well as suffering a serious slip and fall. When a deep sea fishing vessel is not properly staffed, it can cause other workers to have to overcompensate to perform numerous demanding tasks aboard the boat. Unfortunately, this can also lead to serious accidents and injuries when workers are expected to take on more work for long hours in difficult environments.

Jones Act and Deep Sea Fishing Boat Accidents

The Jones Act is a federally enacted law that offers protection for those who have been injured in deep sea fishing accidents. Boat owners generally have an obligation of duty to maintain a ship that is safe and considered seaworthy. This means that a deep sea fishing vessel needs to be fit for traveling on the open ocean as well as properly staffed. Under the Jones Act, an employee on a deep-sea fishing vessel needs to prove that their injury was caused by some form of negligence from the boat’s owner. In addition, an injured fisherman aboard a deep-sea fishing vessel can recover compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Maintenance and cure
  • Reduced work capacity
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability

Know that a seasoned Charleston deep sea fishing accident lawyer can work with individuals who have suffered these consequences to work towards holding the negligent party liable for their negligent actions.

Contact a Charleston Deep Sea Fishing Accident Lawyer

Cases involving accidents and injuries aboard a deep sea fishing vessel can be complex, particularly when there are questions about jurisdiction and whether to file under state personal injury laws or maritime laws.

At Howell and Christmas, a deep sea fishing accident lawyer is prepared to help workers and their families secure compensation for their injuries, as well as assist deep sea fishing boat passengers in recovering for their injuries. Reach out to a qualified Charleston deep sea fishing accident lawyer today to schedule your initial consultation.

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