Could Your Driving Habits Be Costing South Carolina Millions?


See our infographic below to learn more about the impact of Charleston County car accidents.

In 2013, South Carolina saw a record number of car accidents. There are, of course, many factors that can lead to an accident, but the two most common are distracted driving and drunk driving. The good news is, it’s easy to reduce your risk of causing a drunk or distracted driving accident in Charleston: Simply drive safely.

Not only will other drivers thank you for driving cautiously, so will your wallet. If you get caught driving dangerously, whatever the reason, you could face a ticket — and a jump in car insurance premiums. In addition, if you are the cause of an accident, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in car repairs, plus insurance hikes. The solution? Pay attention to one thing when you drive: the road. Drive safely and defensively; saving a few minutes of driving time isn’t worth risking your life. Here are some of the craziest statistics about car accidents in Charleston and the rest of South Carolina:

Howell and Christmas Auto Accidents in South Carolina infographic

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