Charleston Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction is a dangerous profession, and construction sites are dangerous places. Workers and visitors to a construction site can be hurt or even killed. When something goes wrong, it is important for victims to understand their options.

A Charleston construction accident lawyer at Howell & Christmas can help victims after an incident on a construction site. Whether you work on the site, were visiting or were passing through and got hurt, you need to understand how the law protects you and provides for you. Schedule a free personalized evaluation with our accident attorneys to learn about your options for getting compensation and to get answers to important questions including:

  • What kinds of construction accidents can give rise to injury claims?
  • What are your rights after a construction accident?
  • How can a construction accident lawyer help you?

Common Types of Accidents

Whether you are working at a construction site or just visiting, you could be hurt in many different ways because of conditions on the worksite. Some of the most common causes or injuries on construction sites that warrant the attention of a Charleston construction accident lawyer include injuries resulting from:

  • Scaffolding problems, including defective scaffolding or scaffolding which is not properly constructed.
  • Negligence when operating heavy machinery
  • Defects or problems with construction machinery or equipment
  • Falls from a height, or slip and falls
  • Improper use of safety equipment
  • Electrical accidents
  • Explosions
  • Fires
  • Trench collapses
  • Becoming trapped between objects or trapped in machinery
  • Exposure to toxins or chemicals

Whenever your injuries occur due to an accident on a construction site, you should contact a Charleston construction accident lawyer to help determine what your rights are for making an injury claim.

Legal Rights Following An Accident

Your rights after a construction accident will vary depending upon whether you were working at the construction site or visiting.

Workers can’t sue employers under state workers’ compensation laws. However, they can make a workers’ comp claim for benefits, regardless of how the injury happened or whether an employer was negligent in any way. As long as a worker can prove an injury is work-related, benefits should be paid by a workers’ comp insurer including medical bills and disability income.

Although workers can’t sue the company that employs them, they can file suit against third parties who were negligent in a way that led to a construction accident occurring. These third parties could include everyone from manufacturers of defective construction equipment to engineers, architects or project managers.

If a worker can prove a third party non-employer played a role in causing a construction accident to occur, a civil lawsuit can provide compensation for pain and discomfort and other economic and non-financial loss. Visitors to construction sites who were not employed on the site can also file suit against those responsible for damages.

Role of An Attorney

At Howell & Christmas, our Charleston construction accident attorneys have decades of collective experience providing legal advocacy to construction workers, families of deceased workers, and others injured on a construction site. We’ll bring our legal knowledge to the table to help with a civil claim or a workers’ compensation case. Give us a call as soon as possible to learn more.

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