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Working for the government as a private citizen on a military base or elsewhere in a foreign land can be a risky endeavor. Work is often labor intensive and sometimes dangerous, especially if your job tasks are performed in Iraq, Afghanistan or Kuwait. When you are performing work for a government contractor or a private employer outside of the U.S., you enjoy special protections under the law to ensure you get benefits and coverage when injuries occur. En Español.

The South Carolina Defense Base Act provides broad protection for injured employees of both government contractors and private contractors working on military bases abroad. However, you need to know how this Act works and whether it applies to you. The Defense Base Act lawyers at Howell and Christmas can provide you with personalized advice and assist you in making a claim. Call the Charleston injury lawyers with our firm for your free consultation to get your case evaluated and to get answers to questions including:

  • Does the Defense Base Act apply to me?
  • What benefits and compensation can I get under the Defense Base Act?
  • How can a Defense Base Act lawyer help me?

Does the South Carolina Defense Base Act Apply to Me?

The Defense Base Act provides protection to people employed by public contractors related to defense and war activities. It provides coverage for:

  • Individuals working on service contracts outside of the United States related to war activities or national defense
  • Individuals working on construction contracts outside of the United States related to war activities or national defense
  • Individuals working on contracts under the Foreign Assistance Act which are performed abroad, including contracts for the sale of materials, service, and equipment to U.S. allies
  • Workers employed by American employers who provide welfare services outside of the United States

If you are employed under these circumstances or if you are otherwise performing work for a government employer or contractor on a foreign military base, you need to determine if the Act should apply to protect you when you get hurt. The Act can apply to provide coverage regardless of nationality, and host and third country nationals should be covered.

What Benefits Are Available Under the Defense Base Act?

Those who are injured on-the-job who are covered by the South Carolina Defense Base Act should be entitled to have their injury-related expenses paid for by their employer. This means injured workers should be entitled to:

  • Payment of 100 percent of medical bills. Injured workers can choose their own doctors for treatment
  • Disability benefits. Weekly benefits should be available for workers who are temporarily or permanently disabled
  • Compensation for permanent disability. If you have experienced loss of use of any body parts, have experienced vision or hearing loss or have otherwise experienced permanent injury, you should be compensated for this damage
  • Permanent wage loss benefits. You should get total or partial wage loss benefits if you cannot ever return to work or if your earning power is reduced

Death benefits are also available to surviving family members of a covered worker who is killed.

How Can a South Carolina Defense Base Act Lawyer Help?

A Defense Base Act Lawyer can provide invaluable assistance in determining if the Act applies to you and in making a claim for benefits. Call Charleston attorneys Howell & Christmas today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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