Vacuum Extractor Charleston Birth Injury Cases

While the consequences of negligent delivery practices can be devastating for children and their parents, know that a form of retribution can still be found in recovery compensation with the assistance of a skilled medical malpractice attorney. Vacuum extractor Charleston birth injury cases can be stressful and anxiety-inducing for parents after a complicated delivery, and the additional work of proving negligence and establishing liability in these cases can feel overwhelming.

Know that a reliable birth injury lawyer can help take care of these steps so that your family can focus on your child’s healing. Read on to learn more about vacuum extractor Charleston birth injury cases, as well as the ways in which a birth injury attorney can make a difference for you.

What is a Vacuum Extractor?

There are two types of extraction techniques that a medical professional can use during a vaginal birth, including the use of forceps and of a vacuum extractor. The vacuum extractor generates a gentle pulling that is placed on the child’s head to help facilitate faster movement through the vaginal birth canal. The vacuum or the forceps can both can be applied correctly or incorrectly depending on how they are used.

If improperly used, these tools can cause problems because the baby’s head is soft and the skull is not completely formed yet. The potential for damage such as brain injury from the tool being used too aggressively is very high. If the baby comes out with indentations around the skull, this would be a red flag to look into and ensure there was not any kind of permanent injury caused by a negligent delivery process.

Consequences of Vacuum Extractor Charleston Birth Injury Cases

In vacuum extractor Charleston birth injury cases, potential injuries can occur to the newborn if the vacuum has been applied too forcefully to their scalp. Because the skull is not completely formed, misapplication could result in a type of bruising or abrasion on the baby’s scalp. Some of these injuries might be cosmetic and may disappear after a short period of time if they are not permanent. What one would want to look for is if the problem persisted, such as an indentation that did not go away–this would be a sign that there may be some type of permanent disfigurement to the head. In very severe cases, brain injury or brain trauma can result from improper vacuum extractor usage as well.

How to Determine Whether a Vacuum Extractor Was Used Correctly

When determining if any medical malpractice occurred during a child’s delivery, one will want to first start with an inspection of their newborn to look for any abrasion or bruising. In extreme cases, when someone sees some type of disfigurement or indentation, this can be a definite indication of an improper vacuum extractor usage. It is supposed to be a gentle pulling on the head that should not cause severe indentations or scarring. If any bruises or abrasions do not disappear from the child’s scalp within a few days or few weeks, one should seriously consider reaching out to a professional birth injury lawyer to determine the next best steps to take.

If your newborn has suffered from a negligent delivery process similar to these vacuum extractor Charleston birth injury cases, reach out to a dedicated birth injury attorney today to take the next steps in determining the best strategy for attaining your recovery compensation.

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