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The Charleston product liability attorneys at Howell and Christmas, LLC know the ins and outs of litigating injury claims in South Carolina. We handle cases not only in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester Counties, but across the entire state of South Carolina. We have a highly trained and experienced group of personal injury attorneys, paralegals and staff that provide you the quality service and results you expect and deserve. At Howell and Christmas, LLC we approach your case with a “team approach” that ensures we are able to maximize the value of your claim and handle your case in the most efficient manner possible.

There are strict deadlines for suing in defective product cases, and many cases are resolved through complicated mass tort cases like class actions. Victims need to know their options and move forward quickly with pursuing a claim. If you or someone you care about was hurt or killed because of a problem with a product, call Howell & Christmas, LLC now. Our Charleston product liability attorneys will evaluate your case for free, and will answer questions you may have including:

  • When can I sue if a product hurts me?
  • What are my rights in a defective product case?
  • How can a Charleston defective product attorney help me?

Filing a Claim

If you get hurt while using any type of product as it was intended to be used, you should be able to sue the company that made the product. You could also pursue a claim against those who made individual parts or components which were defective, as well as a claim against distributors and resellers of the dangerous product.

There are many situations where victims can file product liability lawsuits in Charleston, because there is no requirement that plaintiffs in these cases prove negligence was involved in the product’s design, manufacture, or sale.

Strict liability laws apply, so even if a manufacturer did not specifically do anything wrong, a lawsuit can still be filed and a plaintiff can prevail. Strict liability laws are intended to ensure extensive testing before products are sold, and are intended to ensure victims have the money they need to get the best of care whenever a product causes harm.

Legal Rights in Defective Product Cases

If you believe you were hurt by a defective product, you should have the right to sue in state court. If the damage was significant and the company is located in a different jurisdiction, you could also sue in federal court.

In limited circumstances, you may have signed an arbitration clause when you bought a product or purchased a service. This could mean your claim has to be resolved through arbitration. A Charleston defective product lawyer can review all your paperwork and help determine if this is the case.

Many defective product cases involve hundreds or thousands of people who used the same product and who suffered similar injuries. For expediency, these cases can all be combined as one big case in a class action or can all be moved before one judge so the judge can decide on common questions applicable to all cases while individual plaintiffs keep their own claims.

Knowing whether to sue in state or federal court, whether you need to arbitrate, and whether you should join a mass litigation can be very complicated. Don’t try to make these decisions on your own. Talk with a Charleston product liability lawyer.

How A Defective Product Lawyer Can Help

If you use a defective product and get hurt, call a Charleston product liability lawyer right away so your attorney can help you to develop a solid legal strategy. From advising you on how to pursue your claim to putting together evidence to make your case as strong as possible, Howell & Christmas, LLC has the skills and ability to advocate for you. Call today to schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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