Common Conditions in Charleston Workers’ Compensation Cases

Anytime someone is injured on the job in the course and scope of their employment, they are likely entitled to medical and disability benefits under the Charleston Workers’ Compensation Act.  Even if they are completely responsible and the cause of the accident, under this Act, they are still covered because of the no-fault system that covers workers who are injured regardless of fault.

There is no fault that has to be proven in the system. Even if the injured worker inflicts injury upon themselves, they are still likely covered. To determine if your injury case is covered as one of the common conditions in Charleston workers’ compensation cases, consult with an attorney immediately. A knowledgeable Charleston workers’ compensation lawyer can build a case to help recover just compensation on your behalf. En Español.

Common Accident Causes

Many times, an accident is the result of an unsafe working environment, where things may not be kept up and/or repaired. It can be the actions of a co-worker or an employer in terms of removing safety equipment, guards, or creating an unsafe condition.

Many times, the injury can just be the mistake of the injured worker. Accidents happen frequently. Certainly, when a person is on the job, those same accidents will happen. When this occurs, and if it happens on the job, the person has a safety net of medical and monetary benefits to help them while they recover from their injuries. There are many common conditions that can produce Charleston workers’ compensation cases. These accidents can be explained by a knowledgeable attorney.

Pursuing a Case

There are many reasons that an individual should contact an attorney if they believe they may have suffered from one of the common accidents prone to Charleston workers’ compensation cases.

First of all, some clients may not be aware of all the factors that can negatively impact their case. The insurance company will assign an adjuster and often, a nurse case manager. Whether the client sees it or not, there is often a defense lawyer lurking in the background, as well as a private investigator and other experts that are trying to minimize the amount of medical and compensation money benefits that the claimant or the client is entitled to.

Benefit of an Attorney

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is going to know the law, the American Medical Association guides to permanent impairment, have a working relationship with the commissioners that decide the case and the medical community. They will have a beneficial relationship with the doctors who will be giving medical opinions in the case and with the insurance adjusters, defense lawyers, and nurse case managers.

The lawyer will know the different tricks of the trade that the defendants will pull to try to limit the benefits that the client is entitled to after suffering from one of the common conditions associated with Charleston workers’ compensation cases. An attorney can act as a representative of the injured worker to the counter-balance to the efforts of the insurance company trying to minimize those benefits.

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