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Over the past several years Mercedes-Benz has greatly expanded its production facility located in North Charleston. With the recently announced expansion, the Mercedes-Benz factory could employ thousands of workers in the future. After investing $500 million in infrastructure, workers will be making commercial vans including the Sprinter and the smaller Metris commercial vans.

However, despite exhaustive safety efforts by Mercedes-Benz, accidents in the auto manufacturing industry are common. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney can provide critical support and guidance to hard-working individuals and families in Charleston following any workplace injury. Contact a Charleston Mercedes-Benz factory injury lawyer that can advocate for you.

Auto Manufacturing Plant Injuries

Mercedes-Benz is well known for taking precautions to protect their workers, however, accidents in the automotive industry are inevitable. Workers in any car manufacturing plant will often work long hours and in close proximity to heavy machinery. Unfortunately, this can result in workers sustaining serious injuries.

For example, a Mercedes-Benz Vans employee was seriously injured while working in North Charleston halting production. While it was not reported exactly the type of injury and the cause of the injury, some common auto manufacturing injuries include:

  • Repetitive motion and stress injuries
  • Overexertion injuries
  • Slips and falls
  • Burns
  • Crushing injuries

Sustaining a serious injury in the Mercedes-Benz plant may mean missing work for days, weeks, or may be unable to return to work at all. If a person or a loved one has been injured while working in the North Charleston, a dedicated and experienced Mercedes-Benz factory injury lawyer help individuals obtain workers’ compensation benefits during and after their recovery.

Recovering Potential Compensation

Working in an auto manufacturing plant can be extremely lucrative, and many people from the Charleston region are drawn to working in auto manufacturing plants such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Honda.

However, working in the auto manufacturing industry is similar to working in the construction industry, and workers are often exposed to hazardous conditions and must compensate for the physical demand of the job.

If someone has been injured while working at the Mercedes-Benz factory, they may be entitled to compensation under South Carolina’s workers’ compensation system. South Carolina’s workers’ compensation program provides workers and their families with no-fault coverage for workplace injuries. This means that an injured employee does not need to establish that Mercedes-Benz as the employer was at fault for an injury.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Someone Can Recover

Under South Carolina’s workers’ compensation system a worker can generally expect to receive workers compensation benefits if they can demonstrate that the accident occurred while they were on the job.

Workers’ compensation lawyers can understand the impact an accident and injury can have on a person and their family. An attorney can help workers and their families recover:

  • All necessary medical care and treatment
  • Weekly disability checks
  • Lump sum payments for permanent injuries
  • Lump sum payments for wage loss

A dedicated Mercedes-Benz factory injury lawyer can strive to provide compassionate support and advocacy for workers hurt on the job.

Talking to a Charleston Mercedes-Benz Factory Injury Attorney

If you have been injured while working at the Mercedes-Benz factory in North Charleston, it is important to understand that you may be entitled to benefits to help cover the financial losses that often accompany a workplace injury. An attorney can answer all your questions and guide you through this difficult time. Contact a Mercedes-Benz factory injury lawyer today to learn how they can help you.

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